Breakdown of $3.2 Billion Flood Relief Donations Pakistan Has Received So Far

The international community, including different governments and donor agencies, has provided $3.275 billion to Pakistan for flood relief activities.

According to the report compiled by the Economic Affairs Division, different countries and international donors have extended financial and in-kind foreign assistance to Pakistan for flood-related activities.

Pakistan has received $2.84 billion in loans from World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank for flood relief activities. The document shows that the World Bank has provided $1.781 billion to support flood relief activities in Pakistan. The Bank has repurposed $150 million from Pakistan Hydromet and Climate Services Project and it has been disbursed through Benazir Income Support Program among flood victim families.

It has also repurposed $80 million from the Crisis-Resilient Institutions for Social Protection Program, $2 million from the Pandemic Response Effectiveness Program, $8.3 million from the Sindh Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Enhancement, $27 million from Competitive and Liable City of Karachi project, $11.7 million from KP Irrigated Agriculture Improvement project and $2 million from KP Integrated Tourism Development project.

The document shows that the World Bank has decided to provide financing worth $1.5 billion for affected areas as a new loan. The Bank is providing $500 million from Sindh Floods Housing Reconstructions, $500 million for Sindh Floods Emergency Rehabilitation project, $400 million for National Post Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project, and $100 million for Balochistan Water Security and Productivity Improvement Project for flood relief activities. The World Bank’s loan is planned to be negotiated up to Feb 2023.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has also provided a $559 million loan for assistance with flood relief activities in the flood-affected areas, the document shows.

The ADB has decided to provide $475 million for the Emergency Flood Assistance Project, however, the project has yet to approve by ADB Board for flood relief activities. The Bank has also repurposed $22 million from National Disaster Risk Management Fund, $47 million from the Access to Clean Energy Investment Program, and $15 million from Post-Flood National Highways Rehabilitation Project for flood relief activities.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has provided $500 million for flood relief activities.

Pakistan has received $435 million as grand including $166.547 million through repurposing and $166.5 million as new grants. Countries including China, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, some European, East Asian countries, and Middle East countries have extended the grants. The USAID, EU, ECHO-EU, and IsDB also provided grand for flood relief activities.

China, Turkey, USAID, Japan, UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR, EU, UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordon, Oman, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, Nepal, and Canada have provided an in-kind grant through flights, trains, and ships.

Turkey has sent in-kind assistance including tents, food parcels, unites of medical supplies, blankets, motor boats for search and rescue and two mobile health units, etc through 15 flights, 13 goodness trains, two trucks for flood affectees.