Karachi Witnesses Coldest Morning of This Winter

Karachi experienced the season’s coldest morning on Wednesday (today), as revealed by the private weather company, PakWeather, through Twitter.

The tweet states that the temperature in the metropolitan was at a record low of between 8-10°C in the Northern and Eastern regions, while it remained at approximately 14-16°C due to the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon.

A UHI is a human-influenced urban or metropolitan region that is much warmer than the surrounding rural surroundings due to greater activity in the urban areas. The difference in temperature is greater at night compared to during the day, and it is most noticeable when the winds are light. UHI is easily noticeable during the summer and winter months.

In related news, based on a statement by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Karachi, which is known for its hot and humid weather, will face extremely cold temperatures on 7 and 8 January.

The Met Department’s representative indicated that the cold spell would last through the first week of the month, with the highest temperature in the city ranging from 9 to 11 degrees Celsius.

Dr. Sardar Safaraz, Chief Meteorologist of PMD, also affirmed that Karachi will be cooler this weekend due to westerly winds from Balochistan.