Serene Air Announces Good News for UAE-Pakistan Flights

Serene Air, one of the country’s leading airlines, has introduced a special luggage allowance for travelers flying from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Pakistan, allowing 60 kg check-in baggage with 1 piece weighing no more than 32 kg.

According to details, travelers flying from Dubai-Islamabad, Dubai-Peshawar, Sharjah-Islamabad, and Sharjah-Peshawar, will be able to benefit from the scheme.

The airline has remarked that the offer will be valid until 31 January and applies to all tickets issued on 14 January onward.

Serene Air hopes that the initiative will make journeys more convenient and comfortable for passengers, who can now pack more of their essentials without having to worry about additional fees. The airline is also encouraging travelers to take advantage of this offer and enjoy a stress-free journey.

In November 2022, UAE implemented a new policy, requiring all non-citizens to add their family names (surnames) to their passports for entry into the country.

UAE’s immigration authorities issued travel instructions and stated that foreigners with only their first name on their passports will be denied entry into the UAE.

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  • Pathetic air line,went for hajj last year in serene air .seats services and hospitality all were pathetic and not recommended.

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