Nuclear Energy Was Pakistan’s Top Power Source in December 2022

Nuclear energy became Pakistan’s top power source in December 2022, meeting more than 27 percent of the country’s total energy demand during the period.

According to data from the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), nuclear power was the second most important source in November after hydropower. when it contributed 2,338 GWh to the national grid.

In December, it added 2,285 GWh to the country’s electricity supply, by far the highest contribution amongst other widely used resources.

Nuclear energy generated 27.15 percent (2,285 GWh) of total electricity generated in December at Rs. 1.073 per unit, followed by hydel with 20.44 percent (1,720 GWh), coal-based power 18.1 percent (1,521 GWh) at Rs. 11.5 per unit, natural gas 15.13 percent (1,274 GWh) at Rs. 10.5 per unit, and RLNG 13.7 percent (1,154 GWh) at Rs. 20.2 per unit.

More data reveals 0.46 percent (38.91 GWh) of expensive electricity was generated in December from furnace oil at Rs. 25.7971 per unit. Due to current circumstances, no electricity was generated using High-speed diesel.

Wind power contributed 2.5 percent (212 GWh) of electricity to the national grid, Bagasse-based power contributed 1.2 percent (101 GWh) at Rs. 5.97 per unit, and solar-based energy contributed 0.8 percent (69 GWh).

In summary, power generation costs as of December 2022 have dropped by 14.5 percent. Overall power generation in the country fell by 4.7 percent to 8,417 GWh (11,313 MW) during the month under review compared to 8,828 GWh (11,866 MW), while on a month-on-month (MoM) basis, it increased by 1 percent.

Meanwhile, fuel costs for power generation fell by 15 percent year on year during the month to an average of Rs. 7.04 per KWh, compared to Rs. 8.24 per KWh in the previous fiscal year. On an MoM basis, it increased by 17.6 percent.

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