UAE is Paying AED 70,000 to Couples Who Get Married

UAE’s Minister of Community Development, Hessa Bint Essa Buhumaid, has revealed that nearly AED 200 million worth of marriage grants were given to 2,844 newlywed couples in 2022.

The Minister remarked that the marriage grant, awarded by the Ministry of Community Development (MoCD), aligns with the UAE’s leadership’s vision to support youth in forming stable families and attaining communal harmony.

She further revealed that AED 70,000 is awarded to eligible candidates, adding that the Ministry, in collaboration with other government departments, implemented electronic systems to make it easier and faster to get marriage grants 3 years ago.

In addition, Hessa stated that this financial assistance promotes strong family life, and encourages youth to maintain a stable family, ultimately leading to a sustainable society, both financially and morally. UAE nationals can apply for the marriage grant on MoCD’s website.

Eligibility criteria for marriage grants

  • Applicant and his wife must be UAE nationals.
  • Husband’s age mustn’t be less than 21 years.
  • Wife’s age mustn’t be less than 18 years.
  • Husband’s net income shouldn’t be over AED 25,000.
  • Both spouses must participate in awareness courses conducted by MoCD.

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  • If a person from Pakistan goes to UAE and weds a lady there, would he be allowed to get the marriage grant or otherwise.

  • Hi UAE GOVERNMENT U Must think about other nations are getting married in your country, and hardly can survive we love UAE tha’s why we married here💗 in 2021.
    Now with 1 yrs old daughter and still fighting for better life.Rca

  • I got married in U.A.E on 22-12-2021 and now got a babygirl on 11-11-2022… still living happy married life .. Wish Uae helps Expats Too

  • Respectfully madam Hessa,
    I am Asian national and I married to a beautiful girl on 2018 can we get gift from you ❤️

  • Thing is, I am not interested in the money but I’m looking for some guidance, I’m from Pakistan and my fiancé is from India, we want to get married in court, if some one knows the proper procedures kindly guide.

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