Punjab Govt Hospitals Will Go Paperless Soon

Mohsin Naqvi, the interim chief minister (CM) of Punjab, presided over a meeting in his office to discuss the plan for introducing a patient management system that would make government hospitals fully digital.

The head of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) briefed the participants on the patient management system. This technology will be initially deployed in 15 major hospitals in Punjab.

This system would connect hospital emergency, gynecological, outpatient, and pharmacy, and patient data would be accessible in every government hospital via an integrated model.

This system would provide information on the patient’s arrival, the commencement of treatment, tests, procedures, and other information.

The interim CM said that this system will help both patients and doctors.

The patient will also be able to receive treatment at any government hospital, he indicated, adding that a main PCI monitoring system would be built for the care of cardiac patients. The monitoring system will be utilized to examine the arrival, treatment, and procedure of cardiac patients.

The meeting was attended by industrialist Gohar Ijaz, Provincial Minister of Specialized Healthcare Dr. Javed Akram, Minister of Primary and Secondary Healthcare Dr. Jamal Nasir, health secretaries, and others.