Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Has a Strange Camera Problem

Newly developed phones often have software issues that remain undiscovered until they are launched. It’s only after a substantial number of users begin utilizing the devices that these issues come to the surface.

Just recently, reports emerged that Samsung’s newly released One UI 5.1 update on Android 13 is causing battery problems for certain Galaxy phones.

At the same time, a peculiar camera stabilization glitch appears to be plaguing the Galaxy S23 Ultra, although the underlying cause remains unclear. Nonetheless, it’s a software issue that can undoubtedly be resolved through an update.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with outstanding video stabilization, but this glitch is hindering its ability to function correctly. Videos captured with the flagship phone result in shaky clips.

This issue also affects photos, although it is less pronounced when using portrait mode. However, the situation is reversed for some people as video stabilization appears to work correctly in some cases while photo stabilization does not.

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While resetting the camera settings seems to offer some improvement, the problem resurfaces upon closing and reopening the camera app.

Physical damage is unlikely to be a factor as none of these phones were dropped or damaged in any other way. Additionally, people have also observed that the device gets warmer when the camera app bugs out.

It is difficult to reach any definitive conclusions at this point, but if additional reports surface with similar issues, it will be apparent that this is a widespread problem. Most will have to wait for a future One UI update to fix these issues.

  • After my A72 was updated to One UI 5.1 I have experienced a drastic battery timing issue. I does not last me a full day as it used to prior to the update

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