FBR to Launch Pilot Project for Single Sales Tax Portal for Telecom Sector

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to launch a pilot project for the implementation of a single sales tax portal for the telecommunication sector.

According to a notification issued by the FBR on Wednesday, in pursuance of the decision of the FBR Chairman regarding the design and development of the Single Portal for filing Sales Tax returns across different tax jurisdictions, a committee has been constituted.

The committee comprises officers of FBR and technical resources of PRAL. Aamer Amin Bhatti Chief (Provincial Taxes), FBR (HQ), Islamabad would be the chairperson of the committee. Tariq Iqbal, Secretary (Law and Clarification), FBR (HQ), Islamabad would be a member of the committee.

Other members of the committee are Faisal Sulaiman, Senior Business Analyst, PRAL, Islamabad, Farheen Azhar, Senior Manager (Commercial Projects), PRAL, Islamabad and Shahid Sharif, Manager (Development), PRAL, Islamabad.

The Committee will be at liberty to associate any resource from PRAL and field formations of FBR for consultation with different stakeholders, telecom service providers, tax bars, and Provincial Revenue Authorities (PRAs) as and when required. The committee will complete the assigned task by June 30, 2023, for the implementation of a single sales tax return for the tax period of July 2023.

The TORs of the committee are

  • To study the As-is Process of filing sales tax returns of FBR and PRAs.
  • To identify the similarities and dissimilarities in the sales tax return of FBR and PRAs, including the business processes, rules, and controls therein.
  • To make consultations with all stakeholders, including but not limited to representatives of the taxpayers, tax bar associations, and field formations of FBR and PRAs.
  • To prepare design and supervise software development by PRAL.
  • To conduct user Acceptance Testing with the stakeholders for implementation of the single portal for filing the Sales Tax returns.
  • To implement a single return initially for the telecom sector as a pilot project across FBR and Punjab Revenue Authority.