Social Media Still Blocked as PTA Yet to Receive Unblocking Instructions

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has restored mobile internet services for most parts of the country (except a few sensitive areas), but social media platforms including Twitter, and YouTube are still inaccessible to Pakistani users.

The news comes from a PTA spokesperson who revealed to ProPakistani that some social media platforms are still banned, but users should be able to access WhatsApp.

As per the spokesperson, PTA is yet to get any instructions from the Ministry of Interior for the restoration of social media platforms.

Mobile internet is still fully blocked in some sensitive areas around the country, they added.

The apps were blocked on the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs shortly after former Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested.

Mobile internet services were completely blocked following the arrest while most fixed broadband internet services continued to work with the exception of social media platforms.

The PTA official added that a decision to revoke the ban will soon be taken upon instructions from the federal government.

On possible closure of data services in the near future, the PTA said that no instructions have yet been received regarding the internet shutdown on Monday.

    • hey everybody plz reach isb on monday. lets reject the imported fitna. The daku of 60 billions and bandial.

    • We are happy youtube has killed the creativity of our kids our kids were watching non sense Motu Patlo please keep it banned now they are reading books.

      • Thanks for speaking with reason. These PTI ghundas will never understand this common sense.

    • BAN it. we do need this social media for our society. I support the govt decision.

  • And I wonder why the only #IMMORTALS the #CLOWNS of #SINDH are not crying and bringing the #18th #AMMENDMENT against this rule 🤔 ??

  • I lost approx 60k from this internet disruption. My business and reputation seriously effected with this childish move by govt. I don’t care which party comes to power coz everyone is liar and stooges of white house one way or another. But at least they should let the people earn for their families.

  • Shocked to see some people praising the ban they should rather be banned on earth

    • social media is evil. it causes mental health issues. people use it for abusing and time waste. what are you r reasons?

      • Breathing is evil with every breath you take you come closer to death so please stop breathing

        • no, Allah Taala ne her aik ku counted breaths die hain. everybody has right. give a reason? PTI does not know this word. REASON. use chat GPT or google you shame followers of zaani

          • Many people earn their bread through social media, if I have to choose between mainstream and social media I would definitely gonna choose social media, remember there are pros and cons of each thing which you can’t deny, platforms aren’t evil some people are, ban ka culture apnao ge tw phir bauhat si cheezen hein jinko ban kardena chahiye knife se tu apni gardan bhi kaat sakta hai or sabzi bhi ye tujhpe depend karta hai, aaya bara REASON ki aulaad I bet you are one of those internet freak who can’t even stand a feet to a person irl.

  • سوشل میڈیا بند رکھیں۔حکومت سے درخواست ہے یماری نسلوں کی حفاظت اسی میں ہے۔ بہت شکریہ۔ ڈاکٹر عبد اللہ

  • North Korea bana kr rakh dia hy mulk ko. Daily earning krny waly foodpanda, bykea, indriver, uber drivers daily earn krkky apna guzar krty hy . bnd krdo sb apps but atleast un logo ka sochen jinka rozgar lga hua hy..

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