Google Fixes Overheating and Battery Drain Issues Fixed on Pixel Phones

Google has started rolling out a patch to fix overheating and battery drain issues that were reported by numerous Pixel owners around the globe.

The problem initially came to light when Pixel users on Reddit voiced the issue, mainly people using Pixel 6 and 7 devices. The Google app appeared to be the main cause, exhibiting unusually high background usage as observed in battery statistics. This was also causing overheating issues on some devices.

Despite attempts to revert or reset the app, the issue was not resolved. 

Following an investigation, Google determined that a backend modification to the Google app was the underlying cause of the problem. The patch that is currently being deployed addresses this issue, resolving the reported concerns.

It is worth noting that Google’s statement may have given the impression that the problem extended to all Android devices, rather than being limited to Pixel devices. However, there have been no widespread reports from users of other Android devices regarding this issue.

As of today, the reported issues appear to have been successfully resolved. If you have a Pixel device facing the aforementioned issues, the new update should reach you automatically as there is no user action required for it to work.

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