Zong 4G Reaffirms its Commitment to Promoting a Green & Low Carbon Pakistan on World Environment Day

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications company, has showcased its unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability through various initiatives addressing climate change and promoting responsible consumption. Zong 4G’s sustainability pillars are focused on three major areas:

  1. Digital Intelligence Innovation
  2. Social Inclusion
  3. Green and Low-Carbon

As an organization that is focused on promoting green and low-carbon Pakistan, Zong 4G has taken significant and measurable steps toward combating climate change.

Through various plantations drives, seed distributions, promotion of recycling, reducing paper and plastic waste, creating controls to save fuel and electricity & investment in solar power, and taking effective measures to promote the use of sustainable materials within the organization, Zong 4G has ensured that it helps Pakistan towards fulfilling its UN Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs).

As the world celebrates World Environment Day, Zong 4G’s efforts stand as a shining example of corporate environmental stewardship. Below are some key projects spearheaded by Zong in the past few months:

Recognizing the importance of urban green spaces, Zong 4G embarked on a mission to create green oases in cities where they could make a significant impact.

By partnering with local authorities, non-profit organizations, and community members, Zong 4G identified suitable areas in Multan and Lahore to establish urban forests. These initiatives have contributed to environmental sustainability and enhanced the overall well-being of the communities.

Through this initiative, Zong 4G planted over 14,000 trees, fostering a greener and healthier environment for the residents of Multan and Lahore. The urban forests are expected to benefit thousands of people living in the surrounding areas.

As per the World AQI for 2022, Lahore severely affected by pollution, has the poorest ratings on the air quality, would benefit from the reduction of Carbon in the air as a result of the plantation.

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

Under its Green and Low Carbon focus area, Zong 4G actively contributes to two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action. Zong 4G’s work-from-home model, which continued for 2.5 years, has played a crucial role in ensuring sustainable consumption patterns.

By reducing the need for commuting, the company has effectively contributed to minimizing carbon emissions and promoting a greener work culture.

Zong 4G has recognized the urgency of climate change and has taken several initiatives toward environmental sustainability. Establishing urban forests this year showcases their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Additionally, in times of natural disasters like floods, Zong 4G has shown swift action by providing relief and donations to the affected communities, highlighting their dedication to climate action.

Women’s Day – Cloth Bags for Female Employees

Plastic bag consumption is estimated to range between 500 billion and 1 trillion bags annually, with an average usage time of a mere 12 minutes. The environmental impact of plastic bags is therefore significant. Only about 9% of plastic waste is recycled globally, leaving the majority to end up in landfills or as litter in the environment. With the goal of reducing plastic waste and addressing this alarming concern, Zong 4G took a proactive step by providing cloth bags to its female employees on Women’s Day in 2023. This not only discouraged the use of plastic within the company but also was aligned with global efforts to protect the environment and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Promoting Environmental Awareness

Zong 4G is focused on large-scale initiatives and engages its employees and the wider community in promoting environmental awareness.

The company conducted the ‘Plant a Seed’ campaign in its Customer Service Centers across five major cities, including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. This campaign aimed to distribute 20,000 pouches, each containing four seeds, to encourage individuals to actively plant trees and nurture the environment.

The potential impact of this activity was monumental. Distributed out of the CSCs, these pouches were subsequently spread evenly through the city. The nationwide distribution of these seed pouches among Zong 4G employees demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of environmental consciousness.

Moreover, on Women’s Day, Zong 4G took a step towards reducing plastic waste by providing cloth bags to its female employees. This initiative discouraged plastic use and aimed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, aligning with global efforts to protect the environment.

Zong 4G’s commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond words, as it actively collaborates with local authorities, non-profit organizations, and community members to establish urban forests and drive positive change.

By focusing on responsible consumption, climate action, and engaging employees and the wider community, Zong 4G has demonstrated its dedication to creating a greener and more sustainable future for Pakistan.

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