Coca Cola Just Made a New Flavor With AI

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Artificial intelligence has been making its way into unexpected places lately, and the ongoing cola wars have just received an unusual addition. Coca-Cola, in a surprising move, has introduced a new flavor that was co-created with the help of AI technology.

This innovative soda is being dubbed “the drink from the future,” and it’s currently available for a limited time in both regular and zero-sugar versions.

Meet Y3000, a name that exudes a futuristic vibe, although it may conjure images of Skynet and its menacing army of Terminators rather than a refreshing beverage. While Coca-Cola hasn’t provided specific details about its taste, early testers describe the flavor as a “raspberry slushy”.

The company did divulge details about the creation process. It all began with researchers gathering consumers’ flavor preferences, seeking patterns to decode what defines the “flavors of the future.” Subsequently, this dataset was input into an exclusive artificial intelligence system to aid in shaping the flavor profile.

Emulating its best Secret Invasion-like transformation, Coca-Cola also enlisted the help of AI to craft the artwork gracing the Y3000 cans. The cans exude a vibrant, beach-inspired, neon-purple aesthetic that undeniably evokes imagery generated by platforms like Dall-E or Midjourney. Additionally, there are traditionally sized bottles for this AI flavor too.

While Y3000 is being labeled as a limited edition flavor, Coca-Cola has yet to reveal its retirement date, leaving it uncertain when this soda will join the ranks of other futuristic food experiments like Dippin’ Dots freeze-dried ice cream and the ill-fated Crystal Pepsi.

However, it’s expected to be available at least throughout the fall season. Notably, Coca-Cola has also unveiled a collaboration with the luxury streetwear brand Ambush, with plans to launch a Y3000-themed clothing collection later in the season.

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