Govt to Establish 5,000 E-Working Stations for Freelancers: IT Minister

Caretaker Federal Minister for IT and Telecom Dr Umar Saif that the government is going to install 5,000 e-working centers in the country and offer the facility of interest-free loans to freelancers to help establish these working stations.

The minister said this during a meeting with Finance Minister Dr Shamshad Akhtar today. The meeting focused on several key initiatives aimed at boosting the country’s IT and startup ecosystem.

One of the main topics discussed during the meeting was the establishment of a state-backed joint venture fund. Dr Saif said this initiative could potentially pave the way for greater involvement of global investors in Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.

The IT minister also revealed that the 5,000 joint e-working centers will become a hub for freelancers, who will not only have access to interest-free loans and facilities for establishing these stations but will also be equipped with various amenities. He emphasized that this initiative could result in the creation of millions of employment opportunities.

Another significant development discussed was the possibility of allowing the free use of US Dollars in the space. The IT minister explained that this move could boost investor confidence, as accounts established in foreign countries would be transferred to Pakistan. This, in turn, would expedite the flow of dollars into the country and lead to an immediate increase in IT exports.

Dr Saif underscored the government’s commitment to promoting both local and foreign investment in Pakistan’s burgeoning IT sector. The minister added that he intends to visit Saudi Arabia soon to explore investment opportunities in the IT sector.

  • This minister is talking a lot. But it seems that his execution skills are questionable. He is promising many things. Sometimes ago he was even bringing PayPal to Pakistan as well.

    In my view his real job is to develop an electronic System that can be used in Next elections. Help Election commission to develop the digital voting system.

    • It is not his job why are you talking nonsense govt is an independent entity and can buy evms if they want IT ministry has nothing to do in it.
      Umar saif is doing good job he is training 16000 people and they are hopeful that those people will earn 50000 $ per year so per year these 16000 person can contribute 800 million dollars.

      • Dear
        test1 for your information Dr. Umar just said we will train these 16000 people so they bring the IT boost as well as dollars to Pakistan. No training has started yet in this regard.
        Dr. Umar said just making big announcements nothing else. Go to his LinkedIn profile and see the replies from different tech CEOs about such kinds of announcements made by him

    • السلام علیکم اپ کیسے ہیں سر مجھے پرتگال کا ویزا چاہیے اور اس کا کیا پراسس ہے مج جلد از جلد چاہیے وہاں پہ مجھے کام ہے اپ کی مہربانی مجھے ویزا دے دیں اپ کی مہربانی ویزا دے گا ویزا دے دیں ویزا دے دیں ویزا دے دیں ویزا دے دیں

      • تم جیسے نفسیاتی ڈیپریسڈ لوگوں کو کون ویزا دے گا، جن کو یہ نہیں پتہ کہ کہاں کیا لکھنا ہے۔۔۔۔

  • he is stretching his canvas beyond the “care taker” domain.

    How could you do, all that, within a short term temporary setup of 90-120 days.

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