Diabetes Can Result in These 3 Lethal Diseases Among Millions of Pakistanis

In a concerning revelation, experts have highlighted that uncontrolled diabetes can lead to limbs’ amputations, renal failure, and visual loss among millions of Pakistanis.

Pakistan ranks first globally in diabetes prevalence, with an estimated 40 million people currently living with the condition. Shockingly, around 10 million are unaware of their diabetic status.

According to Professor Syed Abbas Raza, a renowned diabetologist, many Pakistanis only seek medical attention once they experience complications like diabetic retinopathy. This negligence also leads to damage in vital organs like the kidneys, heart, gums, feet, and nerves, often without their knowledge.

A significant step was taken towards addressing this issue with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Discovering Diabetes and Dream Diabetes projects. Their collaboration aims to identify undiagnosed diabetics and provide standardized medical care through digital clinics, supervised by trained medical consultants.

Dr. Abbas Raza stressed the urgent need for collaboration among healthcare professionals and society to tackle the growing diabetes epidemic. The burden on the healthcare system is immense, and collective efforts are the only solution.

The Discovering Diabetes project, initiated in 2021, in partnership with the Pakistan Endocrine Society and Pharmevo, seeks to reach the over 10 million undiagnosed diabetics in Pakistan, helping them avoid severe complications such as limbs’ amputations, renal failure, and visual loss.

Dr. Raza emphasized the importance of lifestyle modifications, including daily physical activity, a balanced diet, medication adherence, and, crucially, raising awareness. This initiative aims to bring about positive change in Pakistan’s healthcare landscape, connecting individuals with healthcare facilities and promoting healthier lifestyles.

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