FBR Reveals Shocking New Info on People Who Availed Nawaz Sharif’s Tax Amnesty Scheme

A total of 19 rich taxpayers and super-rich individuals availed the benefit of the ‘Zero Percent Tax Amnesty Scheme’ given during the tenure of former premier Nawaz Sharif, legalizing an amount of Rs. 1.9 billion.

In line with the directions of the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) order, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has disclosed the number of individuals and companies who availed benefits from the ‘Zero Percent Tax Amnesty Scheme’ given during the tenure of former premier Nawaz Sharif.

The data disclosed that under the past amnesty scheme under question, 19 taxpayers availed the benefit of clause (86) of Part-IV of the Second Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 involving an amount of Rs. 1.9 billion. The regulator has disclosed the names of cities where these beneficiaries availed the amnesty.

Out of the total amount, three persons of Lahore legalized an amount of Rs. 1.176 billion within the jurisdiction of the Large Tax Office (LTO) Lahore. Five taxpayers of Corporate Tax Office Lahore availed the benefit of the scheme involving an amount of Rs. 352 million. In Karachi, six taxpayers availed the scheme within the jurisdiction of Corporate Tax Office Karachi involving an amount of Rs. 450 million. The rest of the taxpayers belong to Gujranwala and Sukkur.

The PIC order was issued after a tax lawyer, Waheed Shahzad Butt, lodged a complaint against the FBR, alleging that the agency was trying to hide crucial information. The appellant, Waheed Shahzad Butt, had also previously approached the LHC and the Federal Tax Ombudsman seeking disclosure of information pertaining to companies and persons who availed the Clause 86 of Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, and the amount introduced under it at zero percent income tax.

Butt informed that the FBR finally agreed to adhere to the law and released the sacred information in accordance with the order issued by the PIC. These contributions have not only resulted in concrete action but have also strengthened the credibility and reputation of PIC.

Earlier, the PIC also issued notice for imposing a penalty to the extent of 100 days’ salary to the chairman of FBR for default on the part of FBR for hiding information about beneficiaries of the amnesty scheme issued during the tenure of Nawaz Sharif.

  • In my opinion no body should above the law, Rich or poor. if you earn money you have to pay income tax. FBR should be free from any political hands, tax collections is survival of our country

  • A timely revelation. This will help Nawaz Sharif receive a resounding welcome on his arrival in Pakistan. I am sure there will be many such or similar stories coming up sooner or later.

    This has been going on in the past, this is going on now, this will go on in future as well. Who cares?

    • The truth is that the elite have grabbed privileges and wealth denying the majority any benefit , no health cover , education system which is a cover to loot funds , no jobs , no public transport and no pensions in old age , the GOP has been hijacked by the elite who consider themselves owners of Pakistan while rest of the population are their serfs , unless we get ourselves a leadership that can upend this equation or then unless the serfs rise and demand their equal share Pakistan will continue to wallow in misery , crime , injustice and lawlessness.

  • So basically a super rich PM Nawaz S helped his super rich friends to rob the people of Pakistan of 1.9 Billion rupees, in return for what? and FBR keeping the “crime” secret ???

  • Amnesties is the biggest curse to Pakistan by political govts, legalizing illegal wealth… Beneficiaries, wealthiest.. WHY…???? Instead, they should have been prosecuted… As did it acheived desired results… All these wealthy knows their ill-gotten wealth will be white anyway under amnesties…

  • You never provide the information mentioned in the headline of your news.

    You have not provided the list of persons mentioned above.

    Similarly you didn’t disclose the name of 300 illegal housing societies of Rawalpindi in your previous news.

    Pl stop wasting people’s time and i am sure it is tarnishing your reputation as well.

  • Yet these individuals are so powerful that their names are not given in the article. Though this info should already be in public domain now. RIP freedom of expression

  • Amnesty schemes and plea bargains are the biggest curse in Pakistan enjoyed by the looters of this country. Shame on them

  • Crooks,working for crooks, crooks protecting crooks.unfortunately, this nation was for the masses, but has become personal property of crooks.How can information regarding crooks, be readily available.

  • Such a shame for Pakistan having such political so called leaders. I wish FBR declare the list n names of those people too including PPP, PTI, JUIF and others too who took benefits with ammenisty schemes in their tenures.

  • Where is the list. I think 1.9 billion is not an amount but a peanut. It will not have any effect in economy

  • Please advice how much money was spend during SS PDM and the current PM govt. On foreign trips.

  • There’s no second opinion that amensity scheme is a slap on the face of genuine tax payers. small and medium tax payers are held by the neck to pay their taxes while the filthy rich evaders get clean chit to whiten their millions by paying a miniscule amount !!

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