Pakistanis Trust Army More Than Politicians, Legislators, Judiciary, and Media

The latest Gallup survey from July 2023 has shed light on the Pakistani public’s trust in several of the country’s institutions, and the results are both revealing and intriguing.

Leading the pack is the Pak Army, with a commanding 88% approval rating. The media and courts are trailing behind, both securing a 56% approval. 

Politicians, however, might need to rethink their strategies, as they landed a 39% approval rating. The parliament managed to edge ahead with 47%, while the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the police received 42% and 54%, respectively.

When we break down the results by region, the military’s stellar reputation holds firm. Punjab registers a 90% approval, with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) closely following at 91% and Sindh at 88%. Balochistan’s approval for the military stands at 66%. 

Public trust in politicians is low across Pakistan, with Punjab at 43%, Sindh and Balochistan at 34%, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at 29%.

One interesting observation from the survey displays a near-universal admiration for the Pak Army across provinces, though Balochistan remains slightly more conservative in its approval. 

Furthermore, politicians face challenges in gaining the trust of women, the more educated public, and notably, the residents of KP.

On the topic of the military’s role in politics, the public seemed divided. A third (32%) believe the military should have a prominent role, another third (32%) feel they should have a limited role, and a nearly equal portion (31%) argue the military should abstain from politics altogether. The remaining respondents chose not to answer on this matter.

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  • Ye survey kahan hota ha. I am unable to find any person, who participated in Gallup survey related to Pakistan.

  • Yeah, 3,500 individuals cannot represent 250 Million people. That’s 0.0014% of the total population. This survey is no more than a pathetic misrepresentation of public opinion.

  • Survey done by Gallop industries powered by Askari Consultants. Funny Indeed.

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