Retired Bureaucrats and Military Officials Living Abroad Get Pension in US Dollars

A recent Right to Information (RTI) request has brought to light the revelation that overseas civil and military pensioners are receiving their pensions in foreign currencies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) reported that there are 164 pensioners residing abroad who receive their pensions in currencies other than the Pakistani rupee, a national daily has reported.

Interestingly, this stands in contrast to the grievances raised by retired government servants in Pakistan, who have been vocal about the non-payment of pensions received in rupees.

The issue, initially obscure, gained attention when RTI activist Naeem Sadiq pursued details after hearing about it from an acquaintance. The informant mentioned a retired squadron leader abroad receiving a pension in dollars from Pakistan.

Sadiq filed an RTI request with the Pakistan Air Force, seeking information on the number of retired officers abroad receiving pensions in foreign currency.

Despite not requesting names, the information was withheld. Subsequent inquiries with MoFA and the Accountant General of Pakistan (AGPR) were unfruitful, as both entities declined to provide the requested information.

Undeterred, Sadiq turned to the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC), but even this avenue proved unhelpful.

Faced with continued resistance, Sadiq escalated the matter to the Islamabad High Court, naming MoFA, Ministry of Defence, and AGPR as parties to the case.

Following a court notice, MoFA eventually agreed to share the information, shedding light on a matter that had initially been shrouded in secrecy.

  • Pakistan has given everything to them and these Senior Officers of the government leave this country and transfer everything abroad upon retirement. Do they have any shame or any loyalty left to our country. It seems that Pakistan is a holiday destination for them to gain wealth and then run away from here. Shameful and nothing else.

    • What about the polticians, who are the real BURDEN ON GDP. THEY SHOULD BE INCLUDED ALSO. ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE PUT TO WORK ON ROAD BUILDING AND MADE factory workers

  • There should be a rule that Top Pakistani Generals, Airforce, Naval officers and all Grade 21-22 should be obliged to live in Pakistan after retirement (for atleast 10 years). These people have state secrets and they cannot simply leave like that. It is a threat to national security in general. These senior officers should show loyalty to the state.

  • Nothing coipd be done as they own the country. No matter how many scams are unearthed there will be no accountability in this country. Sadly Civilian has all the rules & accountabilities but not them!

  • If they live abroad, their pensions should be stopped, all retired generals, judges ,beurucraits, ex p.m president’s, speakers, sanate chairman, their all benefits,except pension should be stopped, but I know, no body will do it, they just try to stop pension of lower grade employees 😞

  • Any body living abroad and taking pension, his pension should be stopped . It should be applied across the board, irrespective of any dept.

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