Latest Study Discovers the Secret Relation Between Fasting and a Long Life

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Recent research at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing in Cologne has unveiled significant findings regarding the aging process and the role of fasting and feeding.

The study, focusing on the short-lived killifish, revealed that older fish deviate from the typical cycle of fasting and refeeding, characteristic of their younger counterparts. Instead, they enter a perpetual fasting state, even while consuming food.

This phenomenon was further explored through genetic modifications. By activating a specific subunit of AMP kinase, a key sensor of cellular energy, in older killifish, researchers successfully restored the benefits of refeeding post-fasting.

This intervention not only improved the health of these fish but also extended their lifespan. The findings underscore the necessity of both fasting and refeeding in promoting health benefits, mediated through the AMP kinase pathway.

The study’s implications extend beyond the aquatic realm. In humans, intermittent fasting and caloric restriction are known to offer health benefits, such as reduced blood glucose and cholesterol levels. However, the effectiveness of these interventions varies with age. Similar to findings in Killifish, older humans may not reap the same benefits from dietary restrictions as younger individuals do.

The research also highlighted the role of the AMP kinase’s γ1 subunit in aging. Lower levels of this subunit were observed in elderly human patients, suggesting a potential link to frailty and aging. This discovery opens up new avenues for exploring treatments that could target this subunit, potentially influencing the aging process in humans.

In summary, the study not only sheds light on the intricate relationship between diet, aging, and cellular mechanisms in killifish but also offers valuable insights that could be applicable to human aging and health. The possibility of manipulating similar pathways in humans to enhance health and longevity remains an exciting prospect for future research.

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