Punjab Makes It Necessary for Private School Students to Use Buses

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The Punjab government has launched a significant initiative to address the ongoing smog crisis by reforming the transportation policies of private schools.

The new regulations require private educational institutions to ensure that at least 60% of their students are transported via school buses. This marks a significant shift from the previous situation where many students used private vehicles for their commute.

The move is aimed at reducing the environmental impact of individual transportation choices and addressing the severe smog levels in the area. The Education Authority in Lahore has issued a directive mandating private schools to acquire their own buses and transport a majority of their students through these buses. Schools that fail to comply with this directive face potential punitive actions.

To ensure compliance, private schools are required to purchase buses and provide certificates as proof. This strict oversight demonstrates the government’s dedication to implementing this new policy and promoting shared responsibility among educational institutions.

Currently, a large percentage of students in private schools use private vehicles or private van services for transportation. This policy initially targets major school franchises, with plans for wider implementation in the future. This initiative by the Punjab government is a proactive step towards addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices in the education sector.

  • Excellent, i have been suggesting this for more than 5 years in my domain and really happy to see the news.

  • Can the government order their own departments to enhance or uplift the government schools standard of education?
    Obviously, private schools can easily do that, all they have to do is increase school fees and tadaaaa
    New buses are here.
    Can government close all government schools??

  • Government has provided the school’s a very good reason to increase the private school fees and further earn the profit from the public’s pocket buy asking for their desired bus fairs …. Government should order the private schools to provide this transport facility on subsidized rates

  • Why Punjab government does not implement the same for its state run سرکاری schools? Punjab government should provide transport to 100% students of the schools under control of Punjab Education development.

  • Schools may now find one more excuse to raise fees. The caretaker government will be gone in two months, along with the smog for this season. Enforcing such brainless orders seems unlikely. This appears to be typical impulsive decision-making from the Pakistani bureaucracy.

  • Ordering is easy, implementation is the tough part. The private schools will buy busses through charging parents, but will the maintain any standards or the parents should just shove their children blindly in the hands of strangers. Than they make a law to not call them idiots.

  • yes. this should be initiated earlier. all ovr the world yellow school bus plyed for students n teachers. in pakistan wevchallenge ecery govt decision

  • Yet another stupid idea by the mindless Punjab government.

    Do all private schools have school buses?

    Will the schools that do not have school buses purchase their own without financially burdening further the parents?

    Can the buses be bought overnight and made operational to combat the current smog?

    Who will count that 60% of the children travel in buses?

    Will the children of these policy makers travel in school buses?

    No idea is bad if it is implementable. This initiative, however, is not.

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