You Can Now Use ChatGPT Without an Account

OpenAI plans to make its AI tools more accessible to everyone and the first step is to make ChatGPT usable without an account. The AI chatbot has required an account ever since it was launched in November 2022.

ChatGPT already boasts an expansive user base with over 100 million people using the app every week in over 185 countries. But with the new update, OpenAI hopes to attract even more users to the platform, removing the barrier to entry with no login requirement.

You can now use ChatGPT without an account

However, keep in mind that the ability to use ChatGPT without an account will not be immediately available to everyone as OpenAI is gradually rolling out the feature worldwide, but it is certainly on its way.

It’s important to note that by default, OpenAI utilizes the interactions with ChatGPT to enhance its models for all users. However, if you prefer not to have your interactions recorded by the chatbot, you can easily disable this feature through Settings, even without an account.

Creating an account will still come with some benefits, such as being able to save all your chats and being able to review them later. Custom instructions and voice interactions are also unlocked by making an account.

OpenAI has announced the implementation of “additional content safeguards,” which will encompass the blocking of prompts and generations across a broader spectrum of categories. However, specific details regarding these safeguards have not been disclosed.

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