Human Hair Can Now be Used as a Battery for EVs, Phones and Solar Systems

Scientists at Charles Sturt University have pioneered a technique to repurpose human hair into a valuable resource for energy storage. This breakthrough could soon see our everyday gadgets, such as smartphones and electric cars, powered by what was once considered waste.

Human Hair: The Next Frontier in Renewable Energy

The quest for sustainable energy solutions is more pressing than ever, with the global community seeking alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of energy production. Lithium-ion batteries are at the forefront of this quest, but their production involves graphite, which comes with its own set of environmental and geopolitical challenges.

Dr. Amandeep Singh Pannu’s team has introduced a revolutionary use for human hair, transforming it into high-grade graphitic carbon suitable for battery anodes.

The Pioneering Process

At the heart of this innovation is a custom-engineered reactor that utilizes Joule’s Flash heating method to efficiently process human hair into graphitic carbon.

This material shows exceptional promise as an anode in lithium-ion batteries, offering a greener alternative to conventional graphite production. The potential applications are vast, ranging from powering electric vehicles to revolutionizing drug delivery systems.

The success of this research owes much to Sustainable Salons, an organization that collects hair trimmings from salons across Australia and New Zealand.

The Future Shines Bright for Graphitic Carbon

The implications of producing graphitic carbon from human hair extend far beyond its immediate use in batteries. It represents a fusion of sustainability and technological innovation, opening up a plethora of possibilities across various industries.

This advancement not only addresses the need for cleaner energy storage options but also paves the way for diverse technological applications.

Via: GreenBeautyCommunity

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