Punjab Announces Free Solar System for 50,000 Households

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Safdar has announced free solar systems for 50,000 households in a bid to promote renewable energy in the province.

Solar systems will be allocated to protected power consumers using less than 100 units per month. Each system will include two solar panels, batteries, an inverter, and wiring.

The Chief Minister has urged authorities to ensure that only top-quality material is supplied to the population.

She also proposed installing solar panels in homes consuming up to 300 or fewer units of electricity.

This comes after the price of solar panels saw a drastic decline in Lahore markets last month. The cost of a 7-kilowatt system was reduced by Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 825,000, while the new price for a 10-kilowatt system was set at Rs. 1.125 million.

  • Drama and nothing else, just like ebikes and iPads (and laptops)

    You will find 50,000 houses in one town in a country with a population of 220 millions. What about the others?

    Such measures are not a solution to the very deep problems facing this country and it’s people. But who cares?

  • This is a great news for the people of Punjab.
    Hope Punjab Government will introduce such a great projects and opportunities in future too.

    How can I apply to avail such a great opportunity.

  • حکومت پاکستان عوام کو اگر کوئی اچھی آ فر دے پھر بھی اس کو تنقید کا نشانہ بناتے ھیں اور اگر کوئی آفر نہ بھی دے پھر بھی تنقید کا نشانہ بناتے ھیں خدارا پاکستان کو ترقی کر نے دو پتہ نہیں یہ عوام چاہتی کیاھے پلیز سب دعا کریں اللہ پاک پاکستان کو ہمیشہ شاد باد رکھے آ مین

  • Very good effort or chief minister. How wo can get this solar system. Kindly let us know

  • Aoa sir
    Sir plz mujy b solar panel dain mery 100 say kam unit hotay hain
    Humbled request

  • Guess what the government is going to reduce the Solar unit buying rate from 19rs to 11rs.
    She is urging people to get solar and soon solar will become useless, since you buy unit from WAPDA at almost 75rs/unit but when you sell via solar the government will give you only 11rs. Ridiculous!
    Moreover this will increase the burden on countrys financial situation as the capacity payments to IPPs are still required, whereas the demand for electricity will reduce.
    Another manhole the Noonies are digging for Pakistan and its future generations

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