These 19 Pakistani Water Brands Are Dangerous for Consumption

The Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) announced on Tuesday that 19 bottled and mineral water brands have been deemed unsafe for human consumption due to microbiological or chemical contamination.

The PCRWR has directed the federal government to conduct quarterly monitoring of bottled and mineral water brands and publish the results to raise public awareness.

Between January and March, a total of 185 samples from bottled water brands were collected across 21 cities. Analysis of these samples in comparison to the quality standards set by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) revealed that 19 brands were found to be unsafe for human consumption due to microbiological or chemical contamination.

Among the brands flagged for safety concerns, six – Hensley Pure Water, Pure Life, Natural Pure Life, Klear, Am Mughal Pure Water, and Nero – had high sodium. Furthermore, Nero was deemed unsafe due to exceeding the permissible limit of total dissolved solids (TDS).

Cleana, Orwell, and Still were identified as unsafe due to higher levels of arsenic beyond the permissible limit. Moreover, Starlay, Al-Faris Water, Nestlo Healthy Water, Nesspure, Pure Life, Natural Pure Life, Nesspak, Geo Max Premium, Cleana, Splash, Karakorum, Heavenly, and 7 Bro were found to be contaminated with bacteria, according to the PCRWR report.

The PCRWR advised the public to read the detailed report to understand the water quality status of the bottled water brands they consume. It added that the comprehensive report is accessible on their website at

  • Instead of warning the public about it, they should fine the company heaveliy and seal the business for life time

  • The government should outsource and utilise the northern area fresh water like Gilgit ,Chitral and Skurdu for mineral water plants..The focus should be inland and export of water

  • I think the institute meant to say there is only nestle and aqua fina good for health🤥.

  • Why can’t government cease these companies with heavy fine instead of telling public not to consume these brands. What a joke they tell to public should be shame playing with human life’s. I hope their families drink the same poison which the giving to others

  • Must be fine and these companies not improve as per procedure than close them

  • It’s a shame for the government institutions that rather than banning the companies they are issuing alerts for the public.

  • Allah those institutions – deptts which are responsible to ensure unadulterated sale of mineral waters have not been employed to lay eggs. The should arrest the owners( and not a peon,driver or a salesman ) of the defaulting companies. The courts should not hear their bail applications unless he culprits collect back from the market each and every bottle of ‘ dangerous ‘ water. I wonder how all the concerned have been sitting in their offices and we’re sleeping over nights in their homes. May Allah ruin such negligants.

  • Companies which are involved in this business should give undertake that in case any of their sample does not pass test, they should be heavily fined and factory should be closed


  • I have find the best and healthy drinking water is qarshi springley water they are using Himalayan water which is pure and healthy

  • Mr. Arsalan Khattak instead of writing the names as a sequence present in a paragraph, write them as points accompanied with numbers. It will be much better to the eyes of the reader.

  • Find & seal these companies if Pakistani Govmnt: has the balls.

  • Government is blind? What they are doing? Why they can’t provide healthy food n beverage? I highly requesting to Govt. Please wake up. One day when you will die than do you believe how long you will burn in hell? Wakeup Paki Govt Wake up plz. For GOD sake wake up before you lay in grave.

  • What action Govt of Pakistan took weather sealed the factories or not?

  • Why don’t the govt ban and destroy all these brands. Authorities to comply. Thanks

  • Pcrwr, when discussing raids on drinking water companies, should clearly describe their quality failures, parameter by parameters. They should compare analytical values with USEPA or Pakistan standards and reject brands, based on their health effects. Pls describe results in a tabulated form.
    Tahir zaidi,
    Water professional

  • 1st thought came to mind about the NOT TO BE DRINK WATER BRANDS is That these brand did not pay commission to the Concerned authority cuz it’s just easy to ban n seal rather telling us way to drink and which to not

  • Govt can only do pakar /dhakar to opposition. These comapny would have been banned in other country. But looks like it might have linked with our business mafia forces

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