Hira Mani vs. Ayeza Khan: Who Wore It Better? [Images]

Which of these two fall outfits would you vote for?

Celebrities often wear similar or the same outfits since they gravitate toward the same brands, and it mostly comes down to their own styles and personalities to determine who wore it better. Two of our very own fashionistas with very distinctive styles, Hira Mani and Ayeza Khan, were recently spotted in similar outfits this week, and we’re going to let you decide who slayed the all-black boss babe look.

Hira Mani picked a black silk blouse and baggy pants that she paired with chunky kundan jewelry for her desi boss babe avatar. To add more desi flair, she wore her hair in a long braid with a center part. To complete the look, she accessories with a little black bag that she swung around in the video below:

For the eagle-eyed among us, you would remember that Ayeza Khan had worn a similar outfit for a recent photoshoot.

However, Ayeza Khan, who is also a mother of two like Hira Mani, had a more tailored outfit and a sleek hairdo.


What was also lacking in Hira Mani’s OTT posing and antics, Ayeza Khan made up for with pizzazz and charm.

Here are some more of Ayeza Khan’s recent boss babe looks from the week.


Pakistani celebrities are trendsetters, especially when it comes to fashion. Actresses and models look to stand out and be unique while choosing their next dress and outfit, but sometimes trying so hard becomes a total disaster.

Both the actresses tried their best, but the only question is: who wore it better? We’ll let you decide in the comments below.


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