Iqra Aziz Has Fallen in Love with “Gulon Mein Rang” [Video]

Will it be another Coke Studio hit?


Iqra Aziz sang praises of Ali Sethi’s latest Coke Studio performance. The Sunno Chanda star posted Instagram stories of the singer’s Gulon Mein Rang video, calling it soulful. Sethi performed the song on Coke Studio Episode 4.

She admitted she has always been a fan of the Coke Studio regular. Sethi is a featured artist on the now twelfth season of the musical show and sang the Mehdi Hassan song with great flair.


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Ali Sethi Performs the hit song

He performed alongside Shahzad Ali and Fazal Abbas on November 15. The song instantly struck a chord with the audience, even going on to garnering 850,000 views online.

However, this is not the first time Ali Sethi has taken on the classical music legend, Mehdi Hassan. His 2017 rendition of Ranjish garnered nearly 13 million views on YouTube.

Sethi chose the classic song for the tenth season of Coke Studio. Dressed in a snazzy suit, he performed the Nisar Bazmi and Ahmed Faraz composition to great critical and popular acclaim.

The performance was dedicated to the”Shehenshah-e-Ghazal”, Mehdi Hassan, who passed away in 2012. Hassan sang one of the verses of Gulon Mein Rang Hai. 

His career so far

Sethi began his music career in 2013 with covers of classic songs. He made his Coke Studio debut in the Season 8 in 2015.

He soon received praise for Coke Studio hits like Ranjish Hi Sahi and Tinak Din. Sethi performed Tinak Din with fellow artists Ali Hamza and Waqar Ehsn. The upbeat video got nearly eight million views when it debuted in 2017.

Sethi’s voice vowed audiences earlier this month as videos of his sister Mira’s wedding circulated on the internet. Sethi sang classical tunes at the wedding last week as Mira married her childhood sweetheart, Bilal Siddiqui.

Mira was seen dancing with Bilal as Ali sings and jazzes up the audience. He performed the A.R. Rehman track Agar Tum Saath Ho and  Farida Khanum’s classic Aaj Jaane ki Zidd Na Karo. 

Mira, who has appeared in her brother’s Chan Kithan music video, got married in a simple ceremony in San Francisco two weeks ago.