Speed (Mbps)


Data (GBs)

Rs. 2199

Including Taxes.


EVO CharJi users can avail unlimited Data of lightning fast 4G LTE data rate per month for just Rs.2,199 per month.

*Fair usage policy is 150 GB.


Call 1218 or visit PTCL website at www.ptcl.com.pk or Visit your nearest retailer to buy your own CharJi dongle device which works when plugged in a power source and can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi gadgets for Rs.2500 or buy a CharJi Evo Cloud which comes with a a single modem hotspot device having 2,380 mAh battery with the ability to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously for Rs.3500

Terms & Conditions

All packages listed above are prepaid packages Device will stop working after consuming the specified data volume.

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