GB of Free Internet Data

4AM - 7PM

1 Day


Rs. 16

Including Taxes.


Now enjoy the Zong Daytime Offer at an affordable price & the fastest internet with Zong 4G Speed during the day.


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  • To Subscribe: SMS “dto” to 6464

Terms & Conditions

Can Daytime offer co-exist with other internet packages?

Yes, it co-exists with all internet bundles.

Will the Daytime Offer be renewed automatically?

Yes. The Day Time Offer will be auto-renewed on a daily basis. If the customer runs out of balance & recharges within three days, they will be auto renewed.

What type of subscriber can subscribe to Daytime Offer?

This bundle is valid for all 2G/3G & 4G subscribers.

Is there any download limit on Daytime Offer during 4am to 4pm?

Fair Usage Policy of 1GB i.e. users can download as much as he can within the download limit.

Is there any Add-on available for this offer?

Yes. The same add-on as in the case for normal data bundles.

What will be the charges after 1GB data is consumed?

Customer will be moved to h/her base package, as soon as 1GB data is consumed.

What will be the priority of Day time Offer with Other data bundles?

Daytime Offer have high priority with all other data bundles.

Can customer re-subscribe the offer after consumption of 1GB data?

No, as it's a daily offer

How to unsubscribe this offer?

SMS "unsub dto" to 6464

Will the customer be charged again if he activated the offer before 12:00 am?


What will be the Add On expiry if customer has activated Daytime offer along with any data bundle?

Validity of Add-On will be sync with highest validity bundle


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