• EB

    Ok when is Telenor and Warid going to get into the game? I’ve been waiting for a long time now coz I dont want to change my network.

    • Nabeel Amin

      What about Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

      • Shahid Saleem

        Mobilinks Android devices are all unlocked (Nexus S, Milestone, Tab).

        • Saad Durrani

          MILESTONE is unlocked… oh my God! Someone stop me from getting one!

          • Shahid Saleem

            My point ALL MOBILINK android devices are unlocked. This is different from Zong ,Ufone.

  • Its far better then samsung nexus launched by Mobilink

    • funkymonk

      true .. Nexus is not that great set .. just an average one ..

  • they also launch Nokia Smartphone’s. Because 80% peoplse in pakistan use’s and likes Nokia phones. And with discounted price or with monthly installment or with an agreement as the telecom operators in other countries do.

  • Saad

    Awesome, just need to know a thing,

    I am a Warid user, so would it be sim locked if I get it from Ufone?

    • I think they are locked versions, that’s why the price is a little low as compared to online retailers. Can you please clear this point ProPaki?

    • Jawad Ahmed

      the phones are not locked you can get an incredible S from ufone with a post paid sim in 46000 and without any sim from HTC Concept Shop in Mall of Lahore in Rs 47000

  • Ree

    no, not network locked.

    • Nabeel Amin


      • Ree

        i got one from Ufone

        • Jawad Ahmed

          howz the Phone Brother?
          i am planing to get one soon

  • The features are amazing and Set to. but it could be more amazing if they cut-short some price. Because Its too expensive to buy.

  • zohaib

    whats the difference between this and htc desire hd

  • great initiative by ufone :)

  • Ha ha ha….
    You Guys are funny

    Android sets cant be networked locked same as Windows Mobiles :p

    • funkymonk

      I believe you are incorrect ..
      google it .. there are hundreds of forum posts related to this ..

      I have not tested it personally though

  • Ariz Shah

    Get this incredible device only from Ufone for a special rate of Rs. 45,999, when U switch to Ufone Postpay.

  • nice… bt price too high…

  • Why its not Available in Peshawar ????/

  • funkymonk

    Awesome ..
    I checked the prices yesterday in Hafeez Center by chance ..
    New one was available for 55K atleast ..

  • fahad

    Can anybody confirm if the handset from Ufone is network locked to Ufone or not?

  • Jawad Ahmed

    no the phone is not locked but its compulsory to get a ufone postpaid Sim along with the Phone
    its better to but it from Htc Concept Shop in Mall of Lahore in Rs 47000 where no conditions Apply