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  • Kamran

    Nice post but i need a to buy a adsense account urgent.. dont have time to wait 6 months

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed

      If you buy Adsense account Google will surly ban it after some time. So don’t waste your time and money.

      • Ammar Ali

        You are right Mohsin Google will ban if we buy a adsense account. Google has very stick policies.

        • umar

          yes google ban the adsense account

      • Taha

        You are write buddy.

    • Handsome

      Aik Gandi machli saray talab ko ganda kerti hay and we have example here ^^^

    • 2Good

      Ise kehte hen Bhens ke agee been bajana.


      Sari raat zulikha ki baat sunte rahe aur subah uth k pocha k zulikha mard thi ya aurat, lolz

      • Muhammad Ali


    • zeeshan

      i applied adsense for 3 or more times but google disapprove my blog :( my blog is

      • kfc khan

        you can get approved account 03473974275

      • kfc

        bhai just call me and get approved and genuine account

    • kfc khan

      just call us and get approved account 03473974275

      • inam ul haq

        yar ye batao jo account ap aproved kr ky do ge wo jenius approval ho ga ya third party se aproved ho ga ya jo all wabsite blogger . per use ho ga… please help me mujhe ak orignal acount chayhe

        • unknown

          wo hosted account dai ga, 3rd party wala. I know that idiot

    • fahad dawood

      kamran plz contact me

    • Taha Farooqui

      Who said …Wait For six Month???
      C.E.O “TF Tips and Tricks”

      • unknown

        Google said you idiot

    • Kashif

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    • Naveed Ahmed

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  • Mohsin Mahmood

    Very nice post, thanks for the information

  • Aswad

    100% Agree ,I am from Lahore and I got my adsence approved last month , I have developed a new website , bought a Premium theme , bought a hosting at hostgator , bought a .com domain and spread the word around using Facebook , after getting 10k fans of my site on Facebook I applied for absence , my domain is only 3 months old but i tried to follow each and every thing Google love and i got approved within 1 week :)
    You can take a look at my website at and you can see that i tried to follow every thing Google asks for. If any one needs help in web design and Tips fee free to contact me :)

    • elegance321

      Hello, Aswad, Good Work. and i want some help from you :)tell me the way?how can i contact u?

      • Aswad

        you can contact me via my web. , :)

        • Handsome

          Just noticed that i am fan of your facebook fan page :/

          • Aswad

            Wowww :) Cool …

    • Furqan

      what if we purchase a hosting package from hosterpk.

    • omer

      good evening
      can you please tell me where you get the articles ?
      do you generate them your self ?

    • Shah Fahad

      hey Aswad!
      just tell me 1 thing bro plzzzzz …….. ap ny 10k fans kesy kye ?? kidhar promotion ki apny page ki ????

      • M.Aswad Mehtab

        Facebook ads only .

    • Haxan Malik

      BRO can u plzz tell me from where can i get the word press theme like you

    • Saheem Abdullah

      That is great job you have done ,,, Did you try to use amazon store ? You just add it into your website based on your niche website

  • Muhamma Fahd Altaf

    Thanks for writing on this topic… Mostly new persons in this domain are unaware of this… :-)

  • Shahid Saleem

    There is no proof at all that points 1, 2, and 3 are in any way relevant to Adsense. ARe they suggestions by Google? No. You made them up.

  • Zeeshan

    Very nice post….

  • Ahsan Iqbal

    Nice Post Thanks For The Tips :)

  • Mian Muḥammad Jamil

    Nice Post Thanks For The Tips plzzz Friends abb acha kamm karna start kar do yea account sale sabb chorr doo

  • ExcellentSaving

    Very nice article. Thanks for sharing. I will apply for Adsense account using by following these tips.

    Thanks again.

  • Nadeem khan

    Why dont Google have fraud click detection system. I mean its the biggest company of the world and they mass ban bloggers account without any reason.

    • Ammar Ali

      Is your account is banned??

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed

      Actually they don’t have any authentic fraud click detection system that’s why they mass ban accounts.

      • Shahid Saleem

        — Actually they don’t have any authentic fraud click detection system

        Wow what a big thing to say! If Google doesn’t have any “authentic” fraud click detection, then no one in the world has it.

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed

          Google is not the end of world and how can they explain the mass ban of Pakistani blogger’s adsense accounts where you can see lots of crappy sites in other parts of the world running Google ads.

          • Umair

            Google ban my account after few years even i don’t change anything from last many months i have same clone with UK address but there is no issue…

          • yameen

            salam mohsin.. i want to earn money throuhg net… plz help me..

        • max

          ye get sum sukng job undr the table , u read all the post but dont undrstand the actual story , go get an ice loly & hav fun

          • Shahid Saleem

            For watever it matters, my account is still active because I serve original content.

      • yameen

        salam. i wantto earn money online.. do you any online job???

  • Khalid Abbasi

    I was interested to start my own blog but you have broken my heart saying that i have to wait for 6 months before applying for Google Adsense.

  • Mudassar Shah

    Yes i have already worked with these groups and lost 1000 rupees of registration as my adsense account was blocked.

  • Sacha Kaka

    is it hard to get Google Adsense account in Pakistan?

    It was never hard for me.

    – Your website/blog/forum should be one week old

    – should have at least 3 to 5 posts/page/topics

    – No hacking etc material

    Apply and you will be approved.

    • Ammar Ali

      Well, I will try your method. Hope will get adsense account !

    • Shahid Saleem

      Werent you abusing Americans in other thread and now happily taking their money in this thread?

    • umair


  • Usman ali

    You said that Blogger is better than WordPress. But we all know that Google can any time delete your blog. So how it is better than WordPress.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed

      Google only delete spam blogs and blogs that are related to PTC.

  • Shahzad raza

    These tips are for new bloggers, what if your website adsense account is blocked and you want a new one.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed

      Transfer domain to another person, remove things from your blog which are not according to Google TOS and than apply again.

  • Hair Transplant Pakistan

    Thanks a lot for sharing the tips, now i hope no adsense account with in Pakistan gets banned….

  • Hanif

    Thanks for the post ..
    such a nice information about google adsense. ..

    i also want my own fresh new account but 6 month waiting is too much ..

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed

      All new blogs get decent traffic after 6 months so if you apply before you will not earn enough money. So its better to apply after 6 months.

  • naseem rana

    I recently apply for adsense on my new blog but google reject my application saying that your blog content is not approve able.

  • Jawad

    I’d say find alternative ways of monetizing your blog. Adsense is 100% unreliable. If you are using adsense then it should be around 30% of your total blog earning. If your blog is very well designed and gets high quality traffic then you can get far better ad networks like burstmedia, valueclick, buysellads etc.


    So nowits clearfor me whyi didnt get the adsense account i had billions of post most of them usefull all it was missing is neat and clean layout disclaimer and stuff thanks admin i almost gave up on getting adsense account :D

  • Akash

    wow this article is really nice. thanks brother for sharing your thoughts with us. i’m making a website about mobiles. now i’ve enough knowledge of google. thanks again…

  • Talha

    Dude its very old method, use brain and u can get adsense in 1day in Pakistan. 6months :S

    • maddy

      how it’s possible? docstoc? flixya? or on old blogger? all methods are fake and after 10 dollars your account will not go on pinhold and after 20 to 30 dollars it will got banned. I have tried all the tricks and all are just fake

  • Tech Blog

    Don’t rush for money from Google, just build a quality and worth to visit website which has something to offer, some thing !!

  • Shahrukh

    Yes .. all the 6 points are valid ..
    most of us using wordpress for our sites but how will we can agree or convince google that our theme is premium and not free..??

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed

      Its not that hard for even 10 year old kid to differentiate between free and premium themes. premium themes look professional, neat and clean.

      • arslan

        i have a blog but google disabled my blog any one can aproved adsene on other blog reply or mail

  • Hair Transplant Pakistan

    Thanks a lot for describing some of the best ways in order to avoid your google adsense account from getting banned. Well done great posting.

  • Ahmad

    i am going to setup a totaly new blog with the name .. i want suggestions from you all.. i am going to set it up on wordpress is it ok.. i am not going to have legal concern with adsense this time but my main focus will be on material and my traffic so what more you all suggests me.

  • Zeeshan waheed

    Yes i agree with you that Google prefers blogger blogs in Pakistan and that’s why they ban adsense accounts of lots of WordPress blogs in Pakistan. Blogger is more secure than WordPress and its very easy to manage.

  • bilal@cheapdesignerhandbags

    very good post ,thanks for the information and tips that you shared.

  • Hamza

    Thanks for describing us such good ways to improve adsense in pakistan . we just hope that these spammers can stop doing all this sh*t.

  • Nouman Younas

    i dont know how googlw knows that our theme is free not paid… plz answer

  • aadith

    nice post thanks for the information

  • MedzPro

    nice posting sir. i’m glad to be here.
    look like every webmaster have same problem here. It is hard to be approved by google adsense, but, once you get approved, you will say it is easy! I have some other advice, just visit my blog

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    very good sharing
    vary informative
    keep it up……

  • Web Desining in Pakistan

    I can’t understand your this point that blogger is better then to wordpress.

    • Hassan Ashas

      Yes that’s true, Blogger is better then WordPress, the first reason is that Blogger is the site of Google and if you use Google Site to Build your own site then Google Ad sense also approve your site. The Second reason is that Blogger is easy to use and you can build very easily a website at blogger. The third reason is that if you make a Blogger site then may live on the top of Google because you have a Blogger Site like my site

  • khurram

    tried so many times with very genion websites and articles but google has always treat us badly.:(

  • gold rate in dubai

    yeah, Google is being too much strict for Pakistan.. it might help me out to get my require results. :)

  • Kashi

    Please help me..
    mera adsense account pehlay bane ho chuka hai. mein ne dobara apply karna hai apnay bhai ke name se.
    payee name to change hojay ga lakin address to same hai.
    to kia mujhey address bhi change karna perega.

    plese help me

  • Office Stationery

    Thank you for the good post, I agree with the majority of your points.

  • NO more google adsense

    Yeah work hard till 6 month put the adsense code and got email next day ” Your account has been banned” No way to communicate with them . They got the contents for their search engine and that’s it ;).

  • B.Ahmed

    i heard,,,, wordpress.COM doesnt allows Google adsensse or any other ad,,,,?? is it true??
    plz reply….

  • Amir

    Pro Pakistani is good website.
    Please help me! Can I share Movies & Software links on my blog. Is this against the Google policies or not?

    • admin

      No you can’t

  • haris mughal

    plz help me, I have 700 visitors per day, but I never approved my adsense account, all conditions are full filled except this I am using free web hosting from but many other sites approved with this free domain but I am not,
    my site is
    please give me any trick, which help me, I have more than 500 visitors from pakistan per day, but I get nothing :-(

  • shugalmaza

    adsense ek buhat bara rola ha apni marzi ha inki jab pase ane lage tu bankar dety hn koi b fazol reason se

  • Sumeet Kumar

    Phew, If you are A Hobby Blogger like me amd Post Articles very Rarely, The you shouldn’t try adsense, Coz the won’t accept it due to less articles :D

    PS) You can also have a Blogroll Page or Post, Beacuse if your site have more links your alexa rank will be Quite impressive and it will surely attract Google adsense

  • hassan

    i have google adsense i can get any time within 20 mins its just game of trick and clicks is also a game hope u know well

  • abdul

    this very nice and informative article i really like it..

  • Abdul Manan

    Hi guys listen.It is so easy just make a site.Post 200 or 300 articles(can be copy righted) get you maximum pages indexed by google and then apply for an adsense account.Google will 100% surely approved your account cpmpletely.I have 15 accounts approved completely by this method.

  • ImobilesPakistan

    I m a blogger and google has partially approved my adsense account.
    Just few tips are that do not copy any content from any source because google employee will check your blog through and if they found that you have copied some material then they will not accept your approval request.
    My blog is and you will see that my blog has my own material not copied from the web. You should have atleast 10 posts before applying for adsense. I applied with 9 posts and they partially approved my account.

  • aagrapher

    Hi dear Mohsin Ali Waheed I read this article and this is very useful for me but your 3rd point I’m not understand. can you tell me why avoid the wordpress domain. wordpress is the very friendly platform for bloggers, but you say that bloggers to avoid to wordpress domain. Why google ban adsense account for wordpress domains. Please tell reasons.



  • usman

    the best and simple method to earn a google adsense is to join blogger,post qulity contents,wait for three months and apply for goolge adsense.i earn my own google adsense account by this method.never cheat google because they will do nothing but will bann your adsense account.

  • imi786

    mind blowing article. You have opened my eyes.

  • fatema

    i have got my google adsense approved and i am earning money on that blog. it’s the first month and i am not sure how will i get the check or whatever they provide.. i heard somewhere that they’ll send it by mail.. but how will i get it cash or deposit? do pakisatani banks allow it? if yes, then which banks?

  • Hayat Khan

    Dear Friend.

    i have make a website and past google adsense ads frequently, but adsense ads will blocked after two or three days, whenever i do not click my self or through my friends, please advise me what should i do, i have maked many accounts of adsens.

  • Huzaifa

    Great post hai bhai, meri website check karain kia main apply kr sakta hun adsence k liye???mene bohot time aply kiya hai but they said “unacceptible site content”

  • ali

    v gud… Pak man reject bi bahut ho rerhy han..

  • ali

    v gud… Pak man reject bi bahut ho rerhy method tempary kam kerta he.

  • ali

    visit my blog/web aj complet ki he..thanks

  • Ibrahim

    I dont think so Google Adsense is very strick in pakistan . Because Google changes its policies in 2012 which is applicable in every country
    The post is Awsome and give Good piece of information bt i also disagree to some points because there is no need to buy domain hosting and template because google easily approve ur account on blogger bt u have to wait 3 months and earn some traffic from search engines .In the end i suggest U all to use infolinks add :-)

  • mahesh

    nice post for Adsense learners,kindly let me how many pages i have to post for approval?

  • floral

    nice info and latest one..
    plz tell isnt disclaimer and privacy policy the same thing and the copyright policy…if not where can i get the pre written formats…i hope google allow that…

  • Hamza

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  • Kedar @ iLifeGeeks

    sahi hai bhai i agree with you


    Honestly, its really good and hardwork if people accept. you are right about “WordPress” its very easy CMS great software for blogging but problem is that its very is to hack blog … it needs more and more plugins and attention to make it safe from Hackers becuase its security is very low. when and when your blog hacked by hacker, some time it toke time to get back and you lose your Google Page Rank and traffic also. WordPress is not bad CMS but you need more and more plugins to make it secure.
    all of 10 tips are great like
    getting good host, putting premium template on blog, choosing bloger as blogging plat form and apply for google adsense after 6 month. all of tips are really nice and working. maybe it hard to follow them but its true…

  • mohammad usman

    6 months is not required.your blog must be visible in search month in enough to get adsense account for well optimized crawls your site and notes how people are linking to your blog.and then decides upon the no of daily hits you get.the content should provide enough information about your future must be serious careful for what you are will definately approve adsense for you.

  • atif

    Aslamo alikum all

    Especially my question is from those who has google adsense account i just want to know that how much traffic i need to approve for google adsense account. I am using blogger. I have seen some blogger who have google ads on their .The most inspiring example is for all new blogger is . My website has completed 6 months and i am also using the formula used by niaz blogspot. My website link is . The theme of website is now for dowloading software and latest games. But i have great idea to put some tutorial about software related to engineering field which i am working on. But i just want to get google adsense account my daily traffic or page views are about 130 users daily totally searched by google or other searched engine. Just need to know is my blog ready for apply to google adsense or still i need to generate more traffic. please guide me with your happily reply thanks to all.

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  • Majid Hussain

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  • Pakistan Chat Room

    hi.. my name is Asad,

    i applied adsense account from my website

    but they reject my account. why ?

    please reply my as soon as possible thanks :)

  • Sana Ahmad

    i apply for adsen but rejected what should i do

    • masood

      Sana! your blog contains videos and no text material, also google is penalizing websites with piracy material. Your blog is also having pirated videos and I am sure that you can’t get adsense in pakistan. If you have any relative outside pakistan like in USA and UK then ask them to apply on your behalf. Your account will get approved in those countries but not in pakistan.

  • maddy

    hi, I am running my blog and using adsense of someone else. please review my blog and tell me how can i prepare it to get adsense.

    • Khan Pathan

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  • Khan Pathan

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  • Shahzaib

    Thanks for the informative Post. But i want to ask you that i read an article in past and they wrote there that we should write our CNIC address when we are applying for adsense. Is it true???? Because i have moved to different address. What can i do now?????????? I am waiting answer me????????????

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  • Rowail Javaid

    Hello, Sir. I’ll wait for 6 months but there is one thing i need to know, I’ve been rejected like 5 times or so by the adsense so all i want to know is that after six months can the current blog be approved that has been rejected 5 times? or do I need to work over a new blog and make it nice and clean till I get to apply after six months.

  • Naveed Ahmed

    Dear I want to highlight a small mistake that may be highly misguiding the viewers. Before stating the 10 tips for adsense approval, you have written the following sentence;

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    very true, nice tips thanks bro !
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  • Muneer Ahmad

    I’d an adsense acount running suddenly my account was disabled by google..they say there were invalid clicks on my blog..I didn’t do it..the question is you should also mention a way to avoid invalid clicks..

  • Sarem

    Thanks for the tips.

  • shahzad

    Nice post bro and i have cleared my concept about it i bought domain plus hosting and will wait for 6 months does not matter how much time i will waste. thanks once again.

  • M.Kumail Danial

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  • shiza sheikh

    Tips are so useful sir, but how much words should each article contain on our website as i am asking for most preferable?

  • Misbah Ghalib

    Nice post :) I have been working on my website for almost 6 months now and I also get 200-300 unique visitors per day but I am not sure if I should apply for ad sense or not. Need some help in this regard :)