• Ataaz

    The last meme is not good, you are making fun of legend Abida Perveen.. please try to be in limits..

  • haseeb

    enough of this shit. It’s just a song if u don’t like it don’t listen to it. we as a nation are only best in trolling and nothing else. It’s not like 90’s era that u r force to watch this song on ptv day and night. Youtube is full of such pathetic songs it doesn’t mean we start trolling for each and every song, film or commercial. the worst part is that guys of age 28 and 30 shares such lame posts on my timeline. like seriously? instead of trolling all this bullshit we people should better share and discuss something more productive.

  • I have not listened it yet.but will do that now. after reading this post.

  • Ali Tahir

    This song is hilariously dumb. However I don’t think that you should have posted images containing abusive language

  • lol this is really sick of the 2013 eye to eye

  • Sanam Khan

    Pashto Version

  • Hashmat Jahan

    I Think ProPaki is out of Telcos Material

  • I cannot forgive for that last meme.