• Eli Ehsan

    hahahah!! This is even worst than Flag bearer of Islam aka KINGDOM of SAUDI Barbaria. PM NAWAZ is hell bound to please his pay lords.
    ab to Khuda hi Hafiz hai Pakistan ka.

  • Umair

    what you mean by “no new SIM should be issued with newly deployed biometric verification system”???

  • MJ

    I can be idiot and phsycopath like shaid saleem and gulab shah here which most likely defending Pakistans enemies here.

    But i cannot stop my self to ahere with other forum users what is the truth.

    Viber owned by Israel 100% true
    Whatsapp owned by India 100% true
    Skype owned by Microsoft 100% true
    Lime owned by India 100% true

    • baronet

      stop using your System then it has Microsoft OS…..!

      • baronet

        government ko chahiye apni intelligence or law and order theek kare aise pabandi lagane se halat thek nae hote

    • I thought Whatsapp is owned by the Cupertino, CA. Giant Facebook..?

      • baronet

        Nae bhai MJ sahab ne INDIA ka bol diya to indiya ka hi hoga …..:P

    • Mustafa

      Whatsapp owned by Facebook -_-

  • k


  • baronet

    lolz karachi ki burger awam dharne de gi agar yeh pabandiyan lagii…….

  • Shumaila

    I say block everything, close all ISP, close all mobile operators, close all TV channels in Pakistan. This way pakistan can become a No.1 economy of the world and we can beat all the world in everything.

  • Shenkaf

    This is the result when stupids got reached at decision chairs.

  • Mustafa

    Time to go to the STONE AGE !!!!!

  • aasim

    really pathetic ..admins delete my comments every time ..

  • MJ

    Guys Only thing you need to keep in mind there some forces out there who don’t want that Pakistan will ever be peaceful country, Our Government only trying to re-establish the peace.

    Also keep this in mind our families are here this is our motherland, and some enemies do not want us happy and peaceful.

    May be Facebook update to show off girls, and have sex chat with girls might be your priority now may be you guys don’t even care for your country, all you need whatsapp, vibe and social media so you guys can hide and take pleasure from this virtual world.

    May be none of you thinking of few years later when you guys will married, have kids what situation you guys going to face.

    Think when some company, country or person doesn’t follow US government Law they Bann them through out the world.

    In this instance as Pakistan is not that powerful but at least we can bann them in our country or our people if they have some sense don’t use them because they not Following our Countries Law, instead they Helping Terrorists.

  • ProPakistani

    Blocking any social application or website is not a solution to control terrorism as there will always some alternative available.
    For example Terrorist can use Teamspeak (host there own server and client). Host there own VPN servers who knows and I don’t think Terrorist use some public social application to communicate as it is unsafe for them.

    So, what now, Block whole Internet @ Mian Nawaz Sharif ?

    One line terrorism control solution: There should equality in society and people should given their rights also Everyone must have licensed gun and should know how to use it.


    A ProPakistani

  • pakhtuns

    thank you govt i will very appreciated , these all record our audio and videos call , fuck him all who,s not fever for Pakistan.,,

  • WTF :-) ….If this happened….we will sell our android devices :-0

  • Khan

    many such decisions in the past unimplemented. perhaps, they don’t have the courage and interest to bring peace in KHI due to western interests of many participants of this high level meeting.

  • Khan

    many such decisions in the past unimplemented. perhaps, they don’t have the courage and interest to bring peace in KHI due to western interests of many participants of this high level meeting.

  • Mohammad

    Block internet, and mobile phone, and tv, and oxygen and water and food, then every thing will be happy happy

  • ZeeshanShahid

    So the plan is to bring 3G…. then use influence to block all free avenues where text and voice traffic may shift after 3G?!

  • nad

    thats y we call PMLN the FAKE DEMOCRACY :)

  • They don’t have idea how much they would harm Pakistani sw industry by blocking these services., specially skype.

    I was talking to a PML-N supporter and was saying that, terrorists may use metro bus, does that mean we ban the metro bus or take measures to track that terrorist down and hunt him.

    Same is the case with these services, they must never be blocked but be used to track any one abusing em.

  • Taimur

    top level bastards