Viber is Reportedly Blocked in Pakistan [Updated]


Another day, another service banned in the country. This time its Viber.

We are widely getting reports that Viber calls are not getting through, however, Viber text messages are working fine, we have checked.

As per reports that we are getting, Viber calls are not connecting on various ISPs in almost all major cities, meaning that, this is not ISP specific ban, rather its a country wide ban.

It is assumed that service has been blocked due to a recent proposal by Sindh government to ban Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other IM services due to security situation in Karachi.

However, we suspect that this Viber ban has to do something with the VoIP calling facility, which was hurting the revenues of telecom operators. Just to mention, VoIP calling services are not legal in Pakistan, unless you are call centre or if you have special authorization from PTA.

It maybe recalled that Skype (PC to Phone) calling is already blocked on various ISPs in Pakistan.

We have confirmation from PTA for not issuing any directive regarding the blockade of Viber.

Through a tweet, Viber has hinted that the company suspects inaccessibility of its services in Pakistan

This is a developing story, where we are still uncertain about the source of directions for the banning of Viber in Pakistan.


It appears that all the fuss was due to a technical glitch on gateway level. Experts are predicting that this had to do something with the testing/configuration of new filteration system installed by PTCL. However, we still don’t have final words on this.

In a related news, Facebook remained inaccessible for masses during past two days (while it still is inaccessable for many) due to similar reasons.

It is likely that both the services will keep snipping in and out over the next few days.

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  • Its
    correct. Facebook is not accessible over PTCL DSL I am facing the same
    problem here in Karachi. I don’t understand a point of blocking social
    services in our country? Striking terrorists communication through these
    channels won’t work because they have more reliable sources of their
    own what I say, they aren’t so stupid that they would stop through these

    Sindh Government isn’t up to right action. They are destroying

    • What they don’t understand is that it also affects any website that has a Facebook “likes” or share widget. That means suddenly sites that have nothing to do with Facebook (like Dawn, Tribune, thousands of other Pakistani sites) suddenly don’t load properly because the user browser is trying to load Facebook widget and timing out.

      So, blocking Facebook makes the entire browsing experience go bad.

      • Choor Sari Baatain Aaj Koi Se 5 Baatain Bata Jo Tujay Pakistan Main Passand Hain!!
        Aur 5 Jo Tujay India Ki Passand Nahi!!
        Tera Time Starts Ab…

  • no matter what we say it will be like that unless no action is taken by people of Pakistan and this time we do need a representative of Pakistan who will care for people first else i hope that chaos will erupt and we will see some big scale civil disobedience and might be change will come then hope fully not in form of bloodshed but they are not leaving any choice for common people

  • For the time being the decision is fine, our goverment have you check and balance on these Apps and the said companies are logging our records and use these ifnormation against us. Be Pakistani and not use bad mouth against as this shows that you peoples are not fair with Pakistan.

  • Petrol mafia, land mafia, CNG mafia, KESC mafia, and now Cellular services mafia, they all deprive us of our rights just for their gains….oh my God, where have we been born :(

  • Yai sab darama Telecom operators k liye ho raha hai un ko yai sab
    voip apps hazam nahi ho rahi thi 3g per ab just late Night Package hi use hoga :)

  • Pakistan main online work krny ko dil hi nai krta ab not working facebook and google other problem

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