Enterprise SMS Packages by Warid

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We are familiar with the strength of an SMS message, and how effectively it can be used by the businesses to keep their customers updated about very little happenings. Though here we need some regulations in order to send SMS to customers, nevertheless it is widely used for not only marketing purposes but also to communicate freely customer’s.

Warid has come up with new Enterprise SMS Packages for the corporate entities. These packages are to help businesses to boost there market and growth.

Enterprise SMS Packages:

SMS broadcast portal is a web based interface for Corporate Clients facilitating them with requirements of sending bulk broadcast to their customers / clients as promotional activity. Bulk messages can be sent to all networks in Pakistan. The user is able to initiate the message submission as well as carry out self administration via the user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

This package is for those corporate entities who want to stay connected with their employees in remote locations or to send greeting messages to them. It can also be used for marketing of new products and services.


SMS broadcast portal is just a web page from where clients can instantly send bulk messages to their employees or their target number.

  • For authentication purpose a user name and password will be provided to the client.
  • The client can access his account by logging in to a given URL.
  • The Web-based client can access the server through the given URL.
  • The client can submit the text message via the Web-based client to the SMS Broadcast portal which then submit the message for onwards delivery.


  • Alert people about latest services.
  • Alert employees about any emergency.
  • Remind your customers about overdue accounts.
  • Notify your customers about special offers.
  • Confirm any issue/dead line to your employees.


First- Time Service Activation / Registration:

  • Corporate Clients will contact Corporate Sales team for activation of this service or visit Warid’s Business Center.
  • Corporate Sales Team (KAM) will perform the first time (one time only) registration (or service activation).
  • Client will choose one package from below of per needs.

Login Interface: A specified URL is given to access the SMS broadcast portal.

Create Mailing List: Client can create his own message list e.g students, teachers, businessmen etc.

Uploading Contacts: Client can upload CSV and txt extension files containing contacts to whom he wants to send messages.

Message Template: Client can create a message easily just like he creates on his mobile. Maximum space allowed to text message will be 160 characters.

Message Title: Client can customize message title / mask with text or alpha numeric option. Maximum space allowed will be 12 characters.

Campaign Scheduling: Campaigns can be scheduled in future (date and time) by the client. All scheduling campaigns should be done at least a  week before the schedule time.

Quota Capacity: Client can only send messages that he is allocated in his account.Client is also alerted about remaining text messages.

Even i can use this for marketing of my blog in future, may be, other Pakistani bloggers can consider it.

    • @ڈفر, Thanks. Yes this can help the Pakistani Businesses to reach there target market easily. Bloggers can also get advantage of this service. I’m thinking about it.

  • Appreciating Warid..i cant show you pplz that m clapping..!its really good n nyc way of advertisement for those who are running their business at large scale n doing publicity. According to me..sms is the best way to advertise your business.your message delivered directed to Consumer..!n m really pissed off from those stupid advertiser who advertising through network nums…!

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