Starts Charging for Job Postings

Undoubtedly, the largest job portal of Pakistan, has stopped offering free job postings for employers. Now, employers need to pay Rs. 850 per job to view all CVs that they receive for a specific job, or otherwise they will be allowed to view maximum of 5 CVs per job post.

It must be noted that applying for job is free like it was before.

At this point of time, an important note for those who are applying for jobs on is that you may see a significant decline in response from employers. At the same time, employers may start hunting for other freely available job portals, such as, and others.

If you want to apply for a featured job, you will have to pay Rs. 850 via cheque/draft or credit card.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • A correction: Applying for any job even if it is hot job or featured job is still FREE AS ALWAYS on Rozee!!! I am confident it will remain free forever.

  • 1. I see no reason why they should not charge for job posting. the same companies pay old-media thousands for vacancy ads!

    2. They must have evaluated the %age usage of their advanced-features (and may be it was a low usage to generate any sufficient money)

    3. THIS IS GOOD for the whole ecosystem. It will accelerate the online payments within pakistani people/sites. And i hope it will also increase the value and usage of local micro payment systems : amaana ( and UBL Orion (

  • I don’t understand why people like AAmir making this an issue. I believe it is really good that ROZEE.PK has introduced its Featured jobs. For serious employers, paying 850 won’t be a problem. Actually what they can do is that they can, instead of buying 1 featured job, buy 5 or 20 credits of Featured jobs. By doing this the price per featured job can be reduced to 175-390 rupees.

    Another benefit of revising the features of Basic/free jobs, is that the number of fake employers will be decreased. So, the job seekers can be sure of the validity of the company they are applying for.

    Aamir, I don’t really know if you are a job seekers or an emaployer, but if you are an employer and not ready to pay Rs.850 for a Featured job, then instead of complaining, why don’t you choose a “Right” candidate from the 5 applications you have an access to?
    Good Luck!

  • Its a good sign though that companies have to pay and will earn but people always look for something free.

  • i had gotten my current job through :)
    i just made an account, applied for the front page jobs and got a call and hired within 15 days :D
    just spent almost 15 minutes of my lifetime on and got a fantastic job.
    Alhamdulillah, i am so lucky na!

  • Yeah, I am also one of those lucky people who got a job thru Rozee within 15 days, and even i also helped my friend to get a job from same source within a week. Thanx to Rozee.

  • Dear sir i have done my master in social anthropology fro university of peshawar ,i requist to to give me any sutible job .i will be very thankfull to you
    your sincercely maqsood ali shah

  • i think its good as HR problem is growing day by day and with the free job posting Employers were getting junk i have suffered alot with this

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