PTCL EVDO Launched?

We know that PTCL had announced the launch date of its wireless broadband EVDO service, and company was scheduled to launch the service in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and other major cities on December 1st, 2008. However, it got delayed but today Khalid Ahmed, through a comment has posted us

PTCL EVDO is launched. Here are the prices for this.

When you purchase CPE in Rs. 4000 it will be:
Rs. 2000 / Month.

When you don’t pay any charges for CPE:
Rs. 2500 /Month (for first year) after that Rs. 2000

Note that speed they are claiming is 3.1Mbps, but practically it goes not more than 160K for downloads. Its 160K , not 160kbps please note.

We were unable to officially confirm the launch of this service, stay tunned for more updates and detailed review of the service!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Holyness! I have been waiting for this for long :O

    Aamir bhai please get the details from somewhere and do a very detailed post on this because users like me want to know more before purchasing the service.

    • @DjFlush, PTCL has tested this service, and through inside sources I know that service got tremendous response from alpha testers. In fact I had a chance to use this device, which was just little bigger than a Flash Drive.

      This EVDO by PTCL is going to be a great hit, I am sure… I doubt that EDGE cards by cellular companies will remain in market anymore, but if 3 MB connection is offered in Rs. 2,000 only, then users may bid farewell call to DSL broadband as well.

      Only thing which cautions me is the support that PTCL is notorious for, but once the service is smooth I would love to get it.

      Through some industry source, we also know that PTCL had plans to start this EVDO broadband around 6 months ago, and even they had given away few devices to corporate users but all of a sudden they withdrew it.

      PTCL’s EVDO service will for sure leave a question mark on DSL broadband service providers, WiMAX companies and its direct competitor World Call.

      • @aamir attaa,
        Aamir, can you tell me If PTCL makes it difficult to unsubscribe this service, If we want to. I heard really scary stories about that and experienced worst from Linkdotnet, who were sending in DSL bill even after unsubscribing it for 4 months.
        And, I heard the same about PTCL too. Since I am very much sure that this service will be nothing more than Money waster in its initial stages but I can’t help getting hands on this service. It is just that, I know, I might have to unsubscribe from this service after one month because of its surely pooooor service in its initial launch stages but I want to experience my first ever EVDO Experience with no hectic way of unsubscribing it, If service is poor.

  • Few of my observations on Amir’s post above.

    1. Ever service gets tremendous response from alpha testers. Mainl because there is no real load on network. Same was the case with Wateen etc.

    2. EVDO will beat DSL to death? i am not very sure. The wireless network might not be work well under high load. Furthermore i am sure this 3.1Mbps speed is going to be shared among many users so every user will be getting much less speed, especially during peak hours. On the other hand DSL normally has low latency and works well during peak and off-peak hours.

    Lets keep the fingers crossed and see how it works out when its mass launched.


    • @Asif MUSHTAQ, I agree with the points you have mentioned.

      But, keeping an eye on World Call’s EVDO, I am sure that many users will carry PTCL EVDO as their primary internet means. Plus those people, who carry laptops along will consider this as their best internet means.

      Earlier tests reveal that service was good at ground level, however, it did’t work in basements. Higher floors get even better results

      • @Aamir Attaa,
        EVDO is still not launched in Rawalpindi according to PTCL’s one stop shop. Their phone number is 051-5475535.

  • @Aamir Atta
    I am Khalid Ahmed, not Mahmood :)
    I called 1236 for the information and the guy there gave me all these details, unfortunately my voice modem doesn’t work in Vista otherwise I would have recorded conversation for you guys. But I was so happy to hear the price that I didn’t ask from where I can get it :)

  • I’ll love to get this service. Do they have any plans for expanding it to rural areas where DSL infrastructure is not yet deployed?

  • I have seen different Pakistani forums where users claim Max. 160-180K speed. That is much less thanwhat I got for 6 months on my 512Kbps which was by some mistake was set to 2Mbps and was giving me up to 270K. :)

  • Khalid Ahmed, are you sure that it was mistake and you got mbps from PTCL?
    As for evdo, what do you guys think of having 2 connection from same ISP i.e PTCL 1 via ptcl landline i.e DSL and one via EVDO (as backup media)?

  • Guys I can confirm this.Its been launched.I called the guys today.Also my friend buyed it…he says its awesome …he is getting around 300 kbps in ISLAMABAD 4 now n all signals are good too.He said he tried in university n some ground places too but same speed everywhere.

    Im also going to get this this week.Will post detailed report here.n yh all the packages the abv comments told are 100% Correct !

    • @Zeeshan,
      I am getting feedback from users in Rawalpindi that EVDO completely annoyed them. Not only that EVDO isn’t properly working in some heavily congested areas of Rawalpindi but also PTCL staff’s complaint department completely annoyed them when they got response “In your area this service won’t work”. Note that when buying EVDO they confirmed that this service works in their area and now they are robbed by Pakistan’s largest Telecommunication service. CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE IN PTCL’s THIS EXCHANGE!

  • @omerfarooq

    Well mate cant say anything abt pindi yet.same thing goes with DSL too…I get amzing speeds however my friend living just next to this sector comletely frustrated with 60 kbps with 1 mbps lol

    Its abt luck with PTCL but 4 me its working good in islamabad so I will get it :P

    Will ask some pindi guys nd get some feedback

  • As ‘EVDO’ comes into play, so does free dial-up internet. PTCL has made it free, and now with PTA’s blessing, I am hearing rumors that other ISPs are jumping on board as well. LinkdotNet for instance has signed the contract as well, so this will be their second dial-up promotion along with SMS4NET, which had replaced card system in the past for many customers. Let’s see how the advancement of one service balances out the other one.

  • Is PTCL Evdo officially launched? because I didn’t find any info about it on their website.

    Secondly, in which cities they are offering this service right now and is its roaming allowed ?


    • @Muhammad Haris, Its available in Islamabad/Rwp, Lahore and Karachi.

      Its a soft launch…! so you may not find the product on every service center. Call 1236 for more details about your area!

      • @Aamir Attaa,

        Thanks for the information and number. I have called at 1236 and the CSR told me that it would be launched in Karachi on 15th February. And currently its launched in Isl/Rwp and lahore only.


  • Assalam o Allekum All,

    I have also hear that right now they are offering EVDO with PCMCIA card. How would we used it on Desktop or Laptop(Bcuz i have Express Card compatibility and its new technology of PCMCIA cards)

    Is there any USB Adaptor for it and whats its price? any idea ?


  • Hi All,

    Can someone @ Isl/Rwp and lahor can cofirm are they offering just PCMCIA card only? or Express Card also because its new technology of PCMCIA and my laptop support Express Cards ..


  • Hi all,

    haris u r right ptcl offer pcmcia device only for laptop but if u want to use it on ur desktop i had a option for me & i will arrange for all my brother who want to use it on there pc
    it cost 2000 for this device & perfect working. connectivity 3.1 Mb ptcl offer shared line u can use it Lahore Islamabad Rawalpindi Karachi Peshawar & all the motor way & high way if u r not connected with EvDO then there is a option u can link with v wireless but u got connectivity & perfect i use it on motor way & now in all Lahore but if u want full download speed u had to be in 2 k/meter redyes with the ptcl tower ptcl offer this wireless for 4000 but if go to international market this device cost 200 $ usd (16000pk) i think big difference so APP ISEY HOD B CHECK KARO MAZUSI NAHI HOO GI & if any one want toknow about it configration please contact me because did not update his 1236 help line staff i also request them…..

    i see a post from amir atta bro EvDO is every where in pakistan ptcl taking time to upgrade for there servers as i told where u have no EvDo there is v wireless got u now 153 kb/s i got maximum download speed 286 kb/s not kbps


    PTCL Corporate Customer Care Centers (CCC)

    Name of CCC Address Contact Email
    Lahore CCC 26-A Civic Center Barkat Market
    Garden Town Lahore Khurram Shahzad
    042-5888105 [email protected]
    Islamabad (ISB) CCC Rizwan Centre Jinnah Avenue
    Blue Area ISB Azeem Khan
    051-111-20-20-20 [email protected]
    Karachi (KHI) CCC Hatim Alvi Road, Behind Telephone
    Exchange Clifton KHI Mr. Kamran Rasheed
    021-5375437 [email protected]

    PTCL One Stop Shops (OSS)

    Name of OSS Address Contact No. Email
    Clifton OSS Ameer Khusro Park, Hatim Ali Alvi
    Road, Clifton Karachi 021- 5810132,6,8 [email protected]
    Gulshan-e-Iqbal OSS Adjacent Telephone exchange &
    Salim Centre,Opp Urdu Science
    College/ University, Near Sir Syed
    University & NIPA chowrangi Main
    University Road, Karachi. 021-4803034 [email protected]
    MRD OSS Plaza Qtrs, Noman Street,
    OFF: M.A. Jinnah Rd, Karachi. 021-2572974
    021-2724980 [email protected]
    Nazimabad OSS Nazimabad Exch Bldg, Karachi 021-6707491 [email protected]

    Name of OSS Address Contact No Email
    OSS CTH Lahore 1 Maclod Road CTH Building
    Opposite GPO The Mall, Lahore. 042-7239139 [email protected]
    OSS GulshanRavi Gulshan Ravi PTCL Exchange
    Opposite Hot Broast Moon Market
    Gulshan Ravi, Lahore. 042-7467017 [email protected]
    OSS Garden Town 26/A Civic Center Barket Market
    New Garden Town, Lahore 042-5847622 [email protected]
    OSS Egerton Road Egerton Road PTCL Exchange
    Opposite Holiday Inn Hotel, Lahore 042-6303076 [email protected]

    Islamabad / Rawalpindi
    Name of OSS Address Contact No Email
    OSS Rizwan Center Rizwan Center Blue Area Jinnah
    Avenue, Islamabad. 051-2802394 [email protected]
    OSS RWP Cricket Stadium Road Double Road near Nawaz Sharif
    Park Murree Road, Rawalpindi 051-4855127 [email protected]
    OSS Westridge Westridge Telephone Exchange
    Near Social Security Hospital IJP
    Principal Road, Rawalpindi. 051-5475455 [email protected]

    muhammad inam

    • @inam,

      Thanks for the detailed info… one more thing to confirm ptcl people give demo of their evdo service at respective area b4 purchase in order to check whether reception in that area is gud or not ? because World call evdo ppl give demo … plz confirm?

      secondly, the device u mentioned for desktop PCs… is it PCMCIA card reader or else? and can it be connected to laptop also if one dont have PCMCIA card slot in laptop?.. as i have express card slot..


  • What a great Public Service we have in our beloved Pakistan.
    PTCL EVDO has reportedly begun in Lhr/Rwp but for rest of the Country including Karachi/Hyd its Inshallah soon..and soon may mean 1-10 yrs.Wow we are a great nation which lives on hopes while thrives on corruption.
    Good Luck PTCL you are our Flag Carrier Hence aware of our Business Culture.

  • PTCL has launched the EVDO USB but its intial prices of the device is 6000 which is 2000 more then PCMCIA card ….

  • Furthermore, I called their CSS and OSS (Clifton), both of them confirmed that Evdo usb is launched and also told me the rates as I mentioned above but when I called their help line 1236, the guy told me that evdo usb is in testing phase and its not launched right now. So, it seems that they have no coordination among them or is there some hidden information, any idea?


  • as salam u alequm
    sorry bhai kaam ki masrfiyet ki waja say reply nahi kar saka
    as salam u alequm
    bhai app k liye news hay k ptcl ney EvDO usb lunch kar di hay or is ki price hay 6000 only .achi news deta chalo k ptcl app k liye kuch new PTCL Evdo PACKAGS tiyaar kar rahay hay yani k 512, 1 mb,2 mb , is tara app ko low price main achi speed.Haris ney pocha hay k demo to bahi app ptcl k ccc center ja kar apni note book per is ko try kar sakty hay or rahi help line wali baat to bhai ye pakistan hay yaha sab ulta hota hay :) take care
    allah hafiz

    • Thanks for reply but with demo i mean will they offereing demo @ customer place ? AS WC Evdo is offering this demo service @ customer Doostep so if signals not good u can return at same time ….So my Question was whether they are offering Demo to [email protected] Step before purchase ?

      Second I am using EVDO usb since one month and its working great like a charm …. as previosly i had wc evdo and its speed rarely touches 1mbps and mostly i gets around 400 – 500 kbps @korangi Creek and around 800 – 900 @ P.E.C.H.S blk 6

      but PTCL evdo is working like a charm @ both places ….


  • One word….. PATHETIC…… in pindi its jus worthless to spend bloody 6000 n then 2000/mnth…. m getting download speed around 25K….

  • Inam posted very confidential list. Its good if PTCL will offer this service in packages range so ppl can get according to needs.

    Here someone saying, its cost is JUST 6000 RS. 6000 is just per month hehehe.

    • Well… device(USB EVDO) price is 6ooo one time and monthly charges are 2ooo/month


    • 1KB = 8 kb ( KB = Kilo Bytes, kb = kilo bits)

      So 160 KB = 160*8 kbits = 1280 kbits


      160 KPBS = 160*8 kbps = 1280 kbps

      further more, 1 Byte = 8 bits


  • In this EVDO buzz, what’s the future of Wimax, Can we compare these two?Also any news about Augere and wi tribe dispute.

  • Hi Pakistanies,

    Plz Dot buy PTCL EV DO, its big bullshit for Pakistanis its only 512kb speed wireless internet and they show its 3.1 mb its big fool for Pakistanis

    PTCL EVDO make fool to pakistanies its only 512kb speed

    PTCL EVDO only 512kb SPeed they liar they said its 3.1mb connection
    so carefull to buy PTCL EVDO


    • Well I am using it since last 2 months and its working great …. average speed i am getting is 1.5 Mbps and in off peak times it reaches to 2.0 mbps …. speed also varies on the number of users in urs area per BTS…. I checked at three locations ( P.E.C.H.S Blk 6, Korangi Creek(Just beside Sea), Gulshan e Iqbal) and at all these places it given me average 1.5 mbps and in off peak time it touches 2.0 mbps …

      So far its working like a charm for me :)

      May God Keep their speed constant …

      Muhammad Haris

  • the speed is good. but sometimes it stops working in between. without resumable downloading software one can not work with it. Overall its good value for money

  • PTCL evdo service is just another pathetic service. Its been a month i am using it intinally first 4 days i was getting 150KB download speed .. i was really happy as i shifted from Worldcall EVDO and i was paying 1800 for 512Kbps connection. But after four days i never get more then 30KB and the average speed is 15KB some time its even in bytes .. One thing i also want to mention i use net from 3am to 10am

    I have called uncountable times at 1236 but they don’t even have a simple ticket system so that i just tell my open ticket number and any operator can track it but on every call i have to tell the whole stupid things and in the end they just say some one will call you and uptill now no one called me ever

    I even when to Clifton one stop shop from where i bought this connection and those people are also helpless can’t help in any thing they are only data collection people and from last 10 days they are just making false promises

    I have check it at shahra-e-faisal, SITE, Korangi , and various places of clifton and defence but the result is same average 15KB download speed

    My Honest advise to all don’t ever buy this device if you want to go wireless buy Worldcall atleast they are providing the speed what they are committing and they also have 45 days money return guarantee . In Ptcl EVDO if you bought it and the services is not up to mark then you have to through that device in garbage as you can’t get any refunds

    • Assalam o allekum ,

      Its really sad to hear your story but i have been using PTCL evdo since 3 months and its ROCKING… great speed… mostly i use it for downloading and among downloading site i mostly use torrents…and i am getting SUPERB speed by grace of God… avg speed on torrents i gets is 110+ KBPS and in off peak time i get around 150+ KBPS…. so its really amazing to have it…

      I have tried this device @ Shah re Faisal (P.E.C.H.S Blk 6) , Gulshan e Iqbal (Near Sony Apparments) and Korangi Creek (just beside beach) and the results were OUT STANDING…


      Speed also very on the number of users per BTS and device distance from its BTS…

      B4 that i used WC Evdo for 6 months and during one month it worked great but after that speed start to de grade …and on my 1 Mbps connection i used to get 400 to 600 kbps @ Korangi Creek and 800 to 1024 kbps @ P.E.C.H.S Blk 6 ….so speed was depending upon the number of users per bts and its distance from bts….

      Their speed signal color bar is also not much stable one has to move around much in room to get good signals …

      Thanks God PTCL Evdo working great so far ….

      May God keep their This Great Speed…

      GEO PTCL Evdo …


      • After getting several phone calls from the support which made no difference at all i have taken a screen shot you can see the download speed from intel website

        I think the problem with ptcl is that if problem arise they don’t know how to fix it

  • what about this service at Lahore…

    Near Bhatti Gate, Lohari Gate or Shah Almi (Shah Alam Market) ???

  • Speed is Bad, its just like you are using 1Mbps Wireless link. so better to buy 1 Mbps DSL, more reliable. EVDO SUXXXX big time till now.

    3 Mbps claim is totally wrong. i sit in office in front of main egerton road exchange, speed is bad there as well :-/ its closest to PTCL hub :@

  • After 5 months one stop shop ppl now told me that there is a problem which can’t be fix in the area you are using … why the hell they can’t tell me when i have launched the complain 5 months before

    Customer service is extremely pathetic ..

  • Dear sir humre pas ap ki ptcl ki koi b sevise nahi hai plz muje ye batiya k humre han easa kion hai plz tell me.hume pass na ty DSL

  • dear sir humre hai ap ki ptcl ki koi b servise nahi hai es ki waja kiya hai .my address minhala kalan lahore and my cell number 03214987684 plz contict me

  • I am using PTCL Evo since April,2009 and its working good by grace of Allah. But one month i.e. 22 Dec 2009 to 23 Jan 2010, speed at my area i.e. Korangi Creek much degraded it was working like a DIAL UP but after one month it came back to its normal speed:).

    So, it might be some problem in BTS at my area because during those days i even tried at other places and it worked fine there so the problem was with my BTS.

    Now days it is working good. I am much satisfied with it

    May Allah keeps its speed good and stable in future too…

    GEO PTCL Evo….


  • guys anybody from gulshan, karachi help me. i need exactly the same package which evo nitro offers due to my excessive use for downloading n uploading content. but ptcl dsl sucks nowadays, phone is dead, nobody responds properly etc etc. so i am going to throw away ptcl dsl. Now tell me any evo or evo nitro user from karachi near gulshan, does it have proper signals in gulshan?? how is the service, does it get dc oftenly like dsl? do they provide atleast 1mbps download n 500 kbps upload speed??? please help me out, i am stuck nowadays due to this dsl shit.
    thanks to any helping friend.

  • i am still wating for evo in my are azad kashmir dhanna near khuirata plz start coverg in my area plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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