PTA’s new Decision to Promote Mobile Banking

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has decided to make a group of representatives from mobile operator companies as well as from banking sector to promote mobile banking. This decision was taken in a meeting held in PTA Headquarters in which senior executives of mobile operators, banks and PTA were present.

In this meeting, MCB made presentation on mobile banking in Pakistan. Different mobile banking models were discussed during the meeting. “Mobile banking was a value addition and had utmost consumer convenience wherein users could avail banking facilities through mobile communication. He said that already two conferences on mobile banking had been held and another would be held in Karachi in March 2009”, said Dr Mohammed Yaseen-Chairman PTA.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Mobile Banking in Pakistan is a very potential area. There are over 50M mobile subscribers and there are only 5-7M Bank account holders.

    Means there are over 40M people who are unbanked who deal in Cash.

    Mpay (Mobile Payment Platform) since last 3 years in Pakistan has been working on this initiative and educating the Cellular and Banking sector of Pakistan.

    There website is

    They can be contacted by any Bank or Mobile Operator who wish to have a Mobile Payment platform.

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