What Happened to Telenor's Search Button?


Search Button on Telenor’s webpage is acting strange tonight – it was unable to find a single search result for term “Persona”; that’s not amazing.

I believe that webmaster is working on the website, but that’s not an excuse to leave things undone like this. By the way, Telenor career page remained down for many hours other day – this is something not Telenor is famous for.

At same time, Telenor is far ahead than Ufone on this – let me tell you how; Ufone’s website has not got any “Search Button” at all. Though Ufone has got this QuickLink button (its sort of sitemap) – but no search button at all. This is what we call Dam-a-Dam Mast Calandar!

Update: Telenor Search Results are now being displayed in better manner.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • well really disappointed to see this article, bcoz producing biast articles by editors of propakistani is shamefull, apart from this, techical issues takes place in every company but exploiting it like this is shameful. What if i start a blog totaly against propakistani, what if i start calling up propakistani a biast platform which should be banned on internet platform. Take it as a request or a warning, kindly dun post biast articles, and try to maintain a set dignity of propakistani thanks.

    • Maverick! It seems like you are the developer of Telenor website and you made that big mistake and brought that search page live without any testing :)

      Moreover this is not a small technical issue. This is a very shameful and unprofessional image of the company who made website for telenor. They brought live the search functionality without any proper testing.

  • Propakistani is a real plateform where one can put his/her comments regarding telecommunication companies. I really appreciate propakistani for its current job.

    and let me tell you all that this was not an ordinary mistake done by telenor. They are miss guiding people. If webmaster was working on the site then he should close the segment/option for sometime or there should be a notice that site is being maintained and sorry for inconvenience but there was no such document.
    well, after reading this i hope that telenor will take care for the next time as telenor says its an ” Multinational” company and multinationals do not act like stupids.

    and for UFONE…. i would just say that UFONe is the worst company i ever find. Shame on UFONE for its low quality signals and low quality service in all way. From customer service to WEbsite and stupid offer that only sucks users and nothing.

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