PTCL EVDO Commercially Launching on June 3rd

evo-logo-medPTCL will be commercially launching its EVDO service in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad on 3rd June, 2009. PTCL has branded its EVDO services as “Evo Wireless Broadband”. The brand name “Evo” has been chosen to communicate that this is truly an evolution of a new internet era in Pakistan.

Pricing: Click here for Pricing

For bill payment there are two options:

Package 1: For PTCL Landline customers they can pay their monthly service charges Rs.2000 through PTCL landline number.

Package 2: For all other customers who don’t have a PTCL landline: they will have to pay Rs.2000 in advance of each month at PTCL One Stop Shops and Customer Service Centers.

The great thing is that there is NO download limit unlike Wateen, Wi-tribe & Mobilink Infinity. The service has got good feedback, and its matter of fact that PTCL has take more than enough time for the commercial launch.

The results of the EVDO service are great in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad; however users have faced issues in Rawalpindi because of the terrain (ups & downs). However wherever it works the internet speed is unmatched. Download speed is at average of 1.1 mbps which is awesome. Youtube streams in real time there is no buffer or delay. Upload is also quite fast.

It merits mentioning here that service is already launched but people had been waiting for commercial launch. The new USB device is sleek, stylish and is absolutely cool. It looks very high tech. Honestly Evo feels like the future if you have it plugged it in your laptop and streaming a video on Youtube.

We already have done plenty of coverage on PTCL’s Evo Wireless Broadband,

Stay tuned for more information on this.

Update: Here comes the print advert of EVO


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  • The war gates have been opened and all the broadband operators (Wire & Wireless) are on the war front. Lets c who benefits in the end? Customer, I hope!!!

  • yar i think its too expensive its initial cost is 10,000rs wich is v.high just like the edge usbs provided by mobilink zong etc but aik adha operator 7000rs main bhi dai rha hai!!

    nd da monthly cost 2000 is also high!!

    y dont u go for ufone usb they are selling it 4 7000rs if i m nt mistaken nd the monthly charges r around 6 to 700

  • very strange move from ptcl.
    i already own one such usb since last month.
    i was of the view that it has already gone commercial.
    let’s see if ptcl manages to offer same speed after going public.

  • Seems to be a highly attractive and affordable package for businessmen, that is, if it works as advertised.

  • can any one tell me , what is the actuall downloading and uploading speed for it ? 1mbps means 128kb/s ???

  • Worldcall is offering more economial rates than PTCL in lahore and Karachi and service is also good with extended network coverage.

  • A new technology with the high cost,I am not going for it unless it comes down to 1000 rupees per month as I am already using ptcl dsl and smart tv free of cost,only charges 1200 per month.that’s more economical..I can watch youtube video without having to wait,who would wanna spend 2000 unless you are filthy rich?

  • Just saw the press ad, the service is too expensive, should be at the around 1000. PTCL should have a special bundle price for his subscribers who already have DSL.

    PTCL has claimed “For those who know the meaning of 3.1Mbps and what they can do with it”, people who know, know that this is a misleading claim. General consumer will think of it as 3.1 Mbps download and would be happy with even 2Mbps. But in reality he would not be getting anything close to it and with PTCL service once you get it there is no way of recovery.

    This technology is about roaming and wireless is a generic term WiFi is enough to provide wireless access in a home.

    PTCL should advertise mobility and not speed.
    Its not affordable since its advertised for general public, the term wireless needs to be elaborated and yes its unlimited as claimed by PTCL.

    Overall a good service and a technological introduction though not the first, Worldcall is.

    Press communication is not clear and there is no excitment and no retention. This is a product which offers so many possibilities and needs to be explained properly to the consumer.PTCL needs to educate the market. No one can imagine a ad without showing visual benefits while introducing a telco product other than tariff announcements. Footloose, a worldcall EVDO device had a much better appeal and response. Overall a dead ad.

  • hey folkx.. .!
    would u care to inform me someone is it based on signal then in our area mean TechSociety Ufone signals very low then is it suits me or not.. ?

  • I think the service given by world vall is more affordable and reliable . the device wors properly everywhere in lahore. but monthly line rent is high.

  • Dear Pakistanio,
    Aap log bahut hamdardi k musthiq hn, k ap ko PTCL jesy idary apni lambi-chauri advertisments sy be-waqoof bnaty hn. Dear buddies, yeh sb kehny ki baten hn. In bloody non-sense idaron mn total non-technical logon ka hold hy. Yeh log baten to megabytes ki krty hain mgr 1 end-user ko kya milta hy? All non-sense, all head-ache, all-frauds and nothing else. Mujy to nahi lagta k yeh log 1 mango-man (aam admi) ki zaroriat ko smajty hain.
    Agr yeh system kisi mohib-e-watan pakistani k hath mn hota to 1 mango-man to 300 sy 500 rs/month betreen internet service mil sakti thi mgr afsos k is mulk ka sara nizam hi ullu k pathon k haton mn hy.
    Is mulk ka….
    Allah hi Hafiz….

  • arey bhai ye sb pagl bna rahey hai sb se ghattia speed hai.
    signal he nai aaarahey. lanti calll be pick nai kartey holb pe kr dety hain. bus bill time pay bhajty hain kameeeeeeney.

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