Government of Pakistan Goes for Blogging

Blogging in Pakistan is getting popular, we have discussed this before – we know couple of cellular companies already putting some efforts in blogging, and same is the case with other industries. But did you ever expect that Government of Pakistan will also start blogging?

If you didn’t then you were wrong, as Finance Ministry has started its blog, actually it started back in March 2009, but spotted now by Mansoor Adenwalla at GreenWhite.

Blog’s link appears on top menu of Finance Ministry home page, meaning that it is official blog, which uses wordpress as its backend application.

So go in there, and know the latest from finance ministry. You can comment there as well, just like any other blog.

Next, expect singers, cricketers and ultimately maybe politicians stepping into blogging arena.

I want to quote another line by Mansoor,

One thing is for sure, Blogging is definitely here to stay in Pakistan!

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  • lol imagine PM starts a blog and waiting to see his story get Frontpage on digg *priceless*.

    • Syed Owais Ali Zaidy


  • Blogging is definitely the next-generation of communication and its good to see the Government is adopting it.

    Though I would love to see people use Twitter more than starting a blog, because its fast and its easy.

    • saad ji

      sir aap nay blog ka design banaya bhut he acha i like it can you please give me another blog design

      • There are plenty of them available bro – go and google around, i know u will get one for you, easily!

  • abdussamad

    Oh shit its bloody wordpress. Don’t be surprised if it gets hacked soon. No doubt govt. workers are too lethargic to keep up with daily WP updates.

    Interesting that they are making the same mistakes as the other governments and not giving due credit to the theme designer. Link in the footer points to a pakistani company but the css stylesheet reveals the true designer:

    Author: ChiQ
    Author URI:

    I guess they are just following the angrez. British pm also stole someone elses design for his blog too:

  • Good to know that Govt. is also taking interest in such things

    Blogging is really IN now a days and picking up rapidly in Pakistan.

  • Great! I’m still waiting for Zardari to start a blog… It will be fun. :P

  • Anonymous

    yeah indeed it will be fun if everyone start blogging spacially political parties PPPP LOL MQM MMA PML a to z :P.

  • It would be nice to hear about government news and updates by government officials on their own blogs which assures authenticity.

  • I wish they update it as well and it does not end up as a useless junk all the other government sites ends up like