Vfone PostPaid Packages Launched

As we had anticipated, Vfone has introduced its PostPaid packages in three formats, with opt-in voice and internet bundles.

Below are details:




How to get a Connection?

To order please call 0800- 80800 or visit nearest PTCL OSS/CSCs

International Bundle for Value & Premium

  • International Bundle    @ Rs.999
  • 1200 FREE INTERNATIONAL MINUTES to Select Destinations
  • Additional Security                 Rs.1000

Terms and Conditions

  • Additional off-net & on-net calls to Landlines will be charged at Rs. 2/ 3 Minutes.
  • Additional Mobile calls are charged at Rs.2/min in Value & Premium package.
  • Free minutes in International Bundle can be used for landline & mobile calls to USA, Canada & China and on landline only in UK & Australia.
  • International calls to all other destinations & additional minutes will be charged as per defined zones. For detailed international tariffs visit our website www.ptcl.com.pk
  • Remaining free minutes at end of month will not be carried forward to next month.
  • Internet is charged at Rs.2/20min for additional usage.
  • Security deposits (refundable) are charged one time only.

All charges are stated exclusive of taxes. 19.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) & 10% withholding tax will be applicable on total bill amount.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • There aren’t 1000 hours in the whole month. 24 x 31 = 744
    So those who would like to use net a lot, I think the 500 hour package would be better! It’s hard to understand what kinds of minds are sitting at PTCL….!

  • I dont know how they tricking poeple by giving 1000 hours, maybe after some days the tell that 1000 hours is a mistake and its 1000 minutes..

    Also check that there is 19.5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) & 10% withholding tax so if you plan to get Value Package which line rent is Rs.999 then you also have to pay almost Rs.300 in tax so value package will cost you Rs.1300 per month, what a shame for PTA and PTCL.

  • Billing is 2/20 minutes. So a user can log for 5 minutes and be charged for 20 and therefore three 15 minute sessions will end being an hour!

  • I was wondering that why our govt dont have any thing like that in food industry. I mean there should be packages like eat all the month as low as 1000 per month. :)

  • SALAM is dor main itny mahngy rate muskel hay kisi nay yah liye hon conection plz come down ur rate if u want to go up othwise i think its just use in PCO thnx bye

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