Zong Introduces Secret MCode for Mini Load, but that’s Expensive

If you want to get MiniLoad without revealing your number, then Zong’s MCode is something you will like to prefer.

How to get MCode for your Zong Number?

  • Through Customer Support Centre: Just walk in to any of ZONG’s support centers, request for an MCode against your number
  • Through a Call: You can dial 674 and follow the instructions to subscribe for an MCode
  • Through SMS: You can send “sub” to 674 and subscribe to MCode.

Rs.100 Plus Tax (Rs. 119.5 including Taxes)

Price is like a wow? No?

Ufone is offering similar service for free..!

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  • imi

    i think zong has started to lot its customers for wot they r charging they r not giving something very unique


    agr is taraha balacne inquire pr charges lgagae ge to phr zong network change kr na parega
    i think balance inquire service free of cost honi chai ha

    • Zee

      every network is charging for balance inquiry.

  • stranger


    i am afraid that ufone might copy this policy from zong…. LOOT MAARI

  • Zee

    Zong had this service before too, they never talked abt it much.

    And as far as free service is concerned, Zong has free Missed Call Alerts, which is charged by all other operators! :؛

  • I guess that the targeted audience for this service is girls;)

  • Rafay

    Telenor has free MCN only 1 time minimal charge is there.

  • FNS

    Yea the target is dumb girls, anyways i just use zong for its GPRS/EDGE service .. its quite stable…. i don’t see any other advantage using it

  • njm

    it would be better to say beautiful girls instead of dumb girls :p because dumb girls are not that much curious about their mobile number privacy.

  • Zong ko apni policy chang krni chaiye khas dial tune ki dialy charg khatam krna chaiye. Or apna network theek krna chaiye. 03015430044


    ZONG walo ko chaheye ke ye 100 rupe per minicode ke activation kam hai ap ye charges our b ziyada karary.