Zong Strikes with a Perfect Tease


It is evident that customers are not going to easily forget Telenor and Mobilink’s deed of suspending SMS offerings during Eid – Zong is actually helping them to keep the harsh memories alive.

And yes, it is told that many Telenor and Mobilink customers are now porting out of their networks, that’s natural.

As per reports, Warid happens to be the beneficiary of the situation, as it is getting most port-in requests after eid.

We can see this ad in two ways,

1 – You need to praise yourself, there is nothing bad in own praising services like Mobilink says Service Quality aur rates par no Samjhota, or Warid calls Pakistan ka best Network. So in this scenario, this ad looks perfectly good, in fact it is supported by logic and fact.

2 – On other side, few (from Telenor and Mobilink) may think that Zong has become very blunt, or say very out spoken. They may term this ad very aggressive.

Enjoy – and share your thoughts!!!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • yes Rabia,, ZoNG fired the right bullet !!!

    but ZoNG is actually not the best network in my scenario !!

    i think tat Warid is the best !!

  • I thought ufone would become the first to take advantage of this issue (as it usually do), but now this time Zong became the first to take oppertunity. Moreover, zong has now come with more innovative advertisemnts like we have been seeing the ADVERT of “chotay”…

  • The problem with pakistani people especially the youth is that we try to own the companies where as companies are here for business only. Whenever some issue is discussed, many people only point out their favorite companies not the issue. Resultantly the attention is diverted from the actuall issue. Same here is done by Ali Shah. We condem companies but don’t put pressure on them.

    I have multiple sims and not supporter of any company. I used that company which offer me good rates especially after the facility of MNP. I have ported my number from Djuice to Glow after Eid bcz it is the Best package so far in terms of calls(on & off-net), Hourly calls & sms. Also no balance check charges, If they impose still good package. If some one thinks against this, I can discuss it with him with open mind

  • Zong is doing good job.. But apni network qaulity ko behtar kare..

    Agr Ufone, Telenor aor Mobilink ki is mistake se faida uthana chahta h to fornn Call Rates kam kare e.g. 6X paisa/30 sec and Balance enquiry b free kre.

  • Telenor and Mobilink have acted very cheap for earning some bucks by suspending SMS service during Eid. I think both these companies should be responded back by the customers by porting-out or at least people must express their views on this disgusting approach.

  • I’ve also converted from Telenor to Warid just after eid. Although i didn’t suffer from SMS suspension coz of Talkshalk SMS Package of 15 days validity but i was extremely disappointed & thats y left telenor.
    I guess if Zong truely wants to capitalize this situation then it’ll have to attract customers by offering its Pluto package to Port-in users (by advertisement) otherwise Warid will turn out to be the winner.
    On the other hand ufone is in ‘deep sleep’ by totally ignoring ’30 seconds package’ niche and hence loosing market share despite its very attractive sms bundles.

  • Lets vote for both companies that which company to port in….
    zong or warid or ufone
    Lets share our views as i’m porting out telenor also..

  • wht network i will try after dis non serious action by telenor….warid call rates r little bit high…Telenor 0.75 and warid 1.06 per 30 sec?

    • Glow is the combination of Talkshawk and Djuice of Telenor. See the complete package, not a single thing. Also compare the rates of both companies with or without tax to see the difference. Aik with tax ho to higher to lage ga.
      Glow rate is 0.45,0.79 & 0.89 for FnF, on-net & off-net respectively. But kia Telenor Talkshawk 30S pe Night offer, Weekend call facility & SMS paise ka hai?? Telenor to FnF ki sahulat bhi 24hrs nahi deta(3 FnF from 6AM to 6PM)

    • no uumer i disagree warid is the best network i love it more than my wife ;),its my sab keh dou and NO samjhota connection

  • @omer,Adeel Tariq,uumer.
    You love Ufone, Its one thing. One can do nothing about it. But how is it best in terms of rates?? its a debatable issue. Kindly ye explain ker den to hum bhi apni ghalti theek ker len. Thanks

    • zaffar>> call rates r extremly cheap 60 paisa to any network n sms in 80rs u get unlimited sms (8000) with 1 month validity n even when the validity is gonna expire u can apply with small package i.e 25rs(165sms) n carry the remaining sms left out of 8000 to to the next month, for day time cheap u have super ghanta package, for nitr time u have life package, to every aspect the package u like u can chose….. ghalti sudhar lain aab aap b

  • And best data packages.
    Unlimited GB(post)
    for 500.
    First 1 who launched prepay data packages, 2nd is Zong

    Ghanta offer to extended Vfone and PTCL
    Rs.15 Uload
    Call Collect
    Call suno paise kamao
    IDD Visa offer
    Voice buckets
    5 ka 15
    Rs. 2.5 international sms
    No detection of balance on U-Share at receives end.
    Free Forward Package Conversion
    Packages are extandable
    *1# for number inquiry
    Better customer care

  • Well iam using Telenor, Zong, Ufone but if you need connectivity with prepaid number i guess zong is best.

    1. Zong 3/= for daily 500 sms (add taxes)
    2. 200/= for 2GB data usage (which is actually 300/= including taxes)

    so 400/= monthly = nearly unlimited sms / mms / data usage over cellphone / laptop.

    I guess for data packages zong is best. I haven’t use zong for calling purpose so dont know about other packages.

    I prefer Ufone for calling and zong for data

    • yah ufone rates R really too good but there service is not goood…secondly today i confirmed zong internet unlimited package that r 999 for truly unlimited even in zong……200 for 2Gb & 400 for 4Gb…

  • 1. Yes Zong Dadta Packages are better than Ufone’s in terms of rates (both call and data but not sms) but where do they stand in terms of quality?
    2. All Ufone packages i.e sms, voice and data are extendable. For example I have subscribed to urEDGE 500 data package since June 09 and using it still, as I make it extend every month just for paying 100 rupees.
    3. Ufone network covers more EDGE area.

  • @Adeel Tariq.
    Dear You again mixed the whole thing. I have pointed here one package for discussion not all the offerings of a company. For the offers you mention above we need at least 3 Sims(1 for Ghanta offer, 2 for life & 3 for call bundle offer). Your trick may be good for a lay man but hum to 4years se esi field main hain dear.
    For 60 paisa, We need 75minutes bundle at Rs.90+tax for 10days. This is not a package. Es se behtar Jazz68, Zong65 & Telenor63 nahi??
    For life & Super Ghanta there are daily charges and both can’t be used simultaneously. Only sms offer is good. Ufone has 30S package called Public demand at 0.99/30S.
    So plz don’t mix the things. Offers nahi, Glow ke against koi package hai to mention kren jo aik hi waqt main use ho sake aur daily charges bhi na hon. Waiting…..

  • bro i’m in this field since last 7years from 2002, i have use warid as well i don’t say that warid bura hai ufone n warid r the best but ufone a bit more i can tell u the package jsi terha glow nai dia hoa hai ucircle life plus is the one fnf jis mai aik ptcl no. b dal saktay ho .45paisa per min hai jis terha aap glow ka bata rahay ho n nite calls r free as well plus sms to aap maan he chukay ho
    ucollect call
    secrete code for easily load
    cheap intl. sms
    an many many other services not offered by warid

    by the end i would say bandar ka jane adrak ka sawad take care byeeee…… no comments now

  • It will be good k aap charges bhi bata dete. Rs500 initial load ko en call rates main shamil kren aur phir difference batain. Aur phir bhi call rates 1.25/30S to other networks.
    Aap ne to cheap harkat ker di but I can’t lower my standards to answer you in the same way. Also when you own something, Try to prove it with reason and logic but you havn’t in this case. Any way Take Care

  • Zaffar bhai ,intial load 500rs ka is not required in ucircle life plus package its only requied in life value package, aap dono ki bahes mai mai nahin paran chata but ZAFFAR i guess Adeel Tariq is rite many ppl support him aap khud comments perho …… there is something special in ufone …… n achi cheez ki tareef kerne sai koi farak nahin perta

  • In my opinion,there is a wrong perception about zong regarding their network quality.People are usually more susceptible to word of mouth then real experience.I am a zong customer for last one year and hardly faced any problem pertaining to its service.They are doing a great job and also wisely market their services in the times when they can offer their best.Their advert and services at Eid are really are worth praising.

  • yes Jahanzaib…. ZoNG fired the right bullet !!!

    but ZoNG is actually not the best network in my scenario !!

    Warid is the best !!

  • my zong number and 1 jazz numer is teasing me in last 30 days he send me adault pic sms end sms i wnt to action for him plz?

  • Zong is growing its network day by day and becoming popular by providing the services according to the customer’s need. i agree zong is in market, late, but right. if someone is facing any problem.kindly do let me know. we’ll try our level best to resolve the issue on priority basis.


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