Do you know What is Telenor EP?

Today on my FaceBook feed, I noticed this Telenor EP World’s link. Website says that there is going to be some initiative/service/product by Telenor Pakistan, but customers are asked to guess what it is going to be?


So guess what Telenor EP World is and get a chance to Win iPods,

Here is Telenor EP Link

Also discuss in comments about what you guessed : – )

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  • Hidden Eyes

    Guessed.. But if i tell you, the probability of winning the iPod will go down :D

    • lol – I guessed too, but i am not sure if it’s correct or not

      • K. Shahzad

        But Aamir you didn’t posted your guess here. Smart Guy!

  • Bright Boy

    As easy as 1,2,3 ………… isn’t that?

  • The Mgt

    look at the bottom right hand corner of the web page …….. subtle clue maybe !!! So easy when you know how

  • Faheem Shahzad

    Guys, I know the answer but I will not share it until it is unleashed to the General Public.. :)

  • Helping Hand


  • Vikram

    Is this EP World to do something with Tameer Bank ? The Bank whose 51% market shares were bought by Telenor last year ?
    I can see that Bank’s logo down the right with the telenor logo.
    Comment guyz !

  • Don

    It is Electronic Payment Via Tameer , Its Confirmed …..Sell Credit , to any one on the go from Tameer Bank Account . The profit rates will be 5 % approx on Selling.

  • Abey Kya Hai EP ?? Koi to Bataoo ??

  • obaid saeed

    ya vikram u r right

  • I Guessed it 100% right ;-), But God knows better, If won the I-Pod then there’s a treat by me to Pro Pakistani’s…. :-D

  • Nabeel Sarfraz

    It’s a fake website this is not telenor website
    there are many reasons such as

    1. Why the domain is on .com not on
    2. Why there is no link on the main website about this
    3. Why this web site is not on subdomain like
    4. Why the conect # in whois record is not telenor but its ufone #
    5. last but not the least why the whois record is different from ?

    here is the whois record
    Host Master ()
    Creative Jin
    First Floor, 17C, 12th Commercial Street Phase II Ext. D.H.A
    Karachi, 75500
    Telenor Pakistan
    Imran Awan
    Islamabad Pakistan

    Create Date: 2004-07-05
    Expire Date: 2010-07-05
    Agent Organization: Telenor Pakistan 9733


      O bhai, a friend of mine is telenor and he told me that today they are going to meet with the concerned people. Its something associated with a bank, Tameer bank and telenor are mutually agreeing on something.

  • imran

    i thin easy and next……….

  • Imad


  • Mashaal

    well, if its related to bank, must be then Electronic Payment or Easy Payment”-just a wild guess ;)

  • saifullah

    Its not epay or easy pay
    becoz im EP doesnt match to those guesses

    it must a something related to a person like e payer … but who knows

  • muhammad shoaib

    EP mean EASYPAISA.I guessed too, i am sure that my answer is correct…. my cell # is 03454167191

    • muhammad shoaib

      EP mean EASYPAISA.I guessed too, i am sure that my answer is correct…. my cell # is 03454167191..
      city lahore

  • sonia

    its e-card paisa;)