Mobilink did it Again – Takes Down SMS Bundles during EID

Mobilink has reportedly blocked SMS bundles and they will remain down till December 2nd 2009, apparently due to expected load during Eid.

However, daily and weekly Voice plus SMS bundles will remain available, but that are quite expensive when compared to daily SMS bundles.

Just like last eid, customers were not informed prior to taking these SMS bundles down – However, CSRs are confirming this. One of ProPakistani reader sent us following email

When i call costumer service they said they are upgrading the services that’s why SMS bundle service will remain closed till 2nd December. When i said that “last time bhi app ne eid par bundle service close ki tu customer representative said “dosray 2 bundle packages hain woh use kar len!“,

Shahzad, a ProPakistani Reader.

We know that PTA had intentions of taking action against celcos for blocking SMS packages during Eid holidays, but seems, authority has given up its efforts – as Mobilink has done it again.

Text messages have become a core need of mobile phone users, especially during Eid when they share millions of text messages. There were total of 660 million text messages exchanged between mobile users in Pakistan during last Eid – despite the fact that Telenor and Mobilink, both had blocked SMS packages.

We will have to wait and see what plans Telenor has got for Eid, as they had blocked SMS bundles too, last time.

By the way, did you watch that TVC especially made by Zong for Eid occasion, which says to not to get ditched on this Eid again, and shift to Zong – a perfect tease for Mobilink.

Look at following tweet of a fellow, it may clear things for you:


Update: Telenor is for sure going to block SMS packages on Eid, here is what it says on its website

Special Occasions: All Bundle/Discount/Bonus Offer subscriptions shall not be valid for Special Occasions. Special Occasions include 6 Days of Eid ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha along with their respective Chand Raats and 1 day of New Year.

Tip for Telenor Users: Subscribe to SMS packages before its late.

Update: djuice SMS bundles will continue throughout EID!

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  • PTCL Modem

    FIA or PTA should take strict action against mobilink. I am sure a lot of it’s customers will port out to other networks

  • Suhaib Malik

    Never seen such a fraudulent company like mobilink. They better keep the sms bundle offer off permanently rather then doing drama on eid.

  • Leo Boy

    Now Telenor will have no problem too in following Mobilink !

  • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

    Telenor guys , buy sms packages before they take down that package too

    • Zubair

      Port to warid the best network

  • Omer

    Amir plz data provide karain jis mai port out port in nos. from different operators dye houn so that sab operators ka perda khulay specially telenor and mobilink ka

  • Taha


    [comment Edited]

  • imran khan

    see their website they had written below dat sms bundles will not be availabel during special ocassions they had written this very before

  • Faheem

    Telenor website already says that SMS packages will not be available during 7 festive days in a year(3 days eid-ul-fitr, 3 days eid-ul-azha and 1 day new year).

  • Qaiser

    where is PTA….??

  • Usman Ali

    if telenor did tht again i ll port to warid

  • shahzad

    i break this newsas guest on propakistani. mr. amir atta

  • eAhmadNawaz

    ShahBash Mobilink…
    Tojh say yahi Umeed thi…[Comment Edited]…….. :-P

  • imi

    amir i think u should mention the guest name whenever he writes for propakistani it l encourage him to write more

  • Faisal

    No bandwidth, network etc problems…….
    U-Fone Tum Hi To Ho

  • Faisal

    PTCL is also offering 3 party conference call this Eid.

    How to use the service:

    To initiate the conference call, the subscriber will dial the first person with whom he wants to talk and wants to be a part of conversation in three way conference.
    To add the third person in conversation hook flash button is pressed (subscriber hears dial tone) and phone number of the third person is dialed. Once third person picks up the call, hook flash is pressed again followed by digit three and then conference calls starts. (If there is no hook flash button then hook up key on cradle will be used)


    Mobilink socks in good time i hate Mobilink

  • Khalid Ahmed

    Dear Aamir & All,
    I tried to port out from Mobilink to Warid using Warid’s online port-in. I want to share my experience.

    1- Warid guys had no idea why port out request was cancelled, different CSRs gave different statements, but I got an idea that probably IMSI number has to be last 12 digits entered while Mobilink SIM card has 16 digits IMSI on it.

    2- When Mobilink was called, the gave two different statements too,

    i- You entered wrong information.
    ii- We are rejecting port out requests as we were updating our system.

    Now how dumb asses are sitting in Customer Support of these telecoms who have no idea what went wrong. And how can Mobilink is allowed by PTA to reject port-out requests giving excuse of upgradation ?

    I have had this experience that these telecom operators are not willingly accepting this MNP and is most annoying experience for postpaid customers even after clearing all dues.

    Plese address this issue as well.

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

      I think for getting IMSI you have to send “mnp” (without quotes) to 667 :D

      • Khalid Ahmed

        Zohair, I did that. But on SIM card of Mobilink last three digits are 650 while last three digits of IMSI that I got after sending “MNP” to 667 are 655.

        I called Mobilink and they said their team will contact me in 2 hours but its going to be 16 hours now.

  • Rayyan

    Well, First of all as expected Mobiink & Telenor Ban their SMS bundle offers due to heavy load ( not a good news for their customers)

    @ Khalid Ahmed, Well mobilink is about to switch their old system (Epoint) to new system Siebel, due to which they are not allowing any port out request, PTA has already informed about this system switch activity, however in both cases the one’s who are getting a hit are customer not the company….Seems they don’t bother

  • Mobilink to shuru say ____ the Telenor _____ nay b market join ker le

    [Comment edited]

  • Shafiq

    ____ the Mobilink !!!

    [Comment Edited]

  • Muhammad Saqib Jadoon

    yahan jo last mein tip di gyi hai na
    “Tip for Telenor Users: Subscribe to SMS packages before its late.”

    its wrong.. pl remove this sentence..
    bcz i m a user of TELENOR..
    if you have some sms in ur package, then on eid day[special occasion] they simply remove ur sms bundles to 0..
    and aapke sub sms delete ho jaaein gay..
    koi faaida nhi pehle package activate krne ka..

    simple is that.. use UFONE, ZONG in these 5, 6 days…

  • Omair Khan

    you guys know about the new telenor sms rates?
    it’s like they want us to port out of their network.

  • Nadzjam

    hi friends.
    Does ufone also take down the sms bundle??
    if no then i will surely move from mobilink to ufone.


  • BREAKING news for all djuice customers – djuice SMS bundles will continue throughout EID! Happy texting! :)

    Djuice Facebook Fan page:

  • Asma Khan

    how many of us are using sms for some good way. very sad to say, this sms packages are detroying our future generation.
    i can see more than 28 comments on this. nobody is saying anything about electricity/Roti/Sugar etc. We are just worried abt SMS package which is closed for few days. shame on us.

  • Nabeel Butt

    I 100% agreed with Asma Khan, why we all only focused on Mobile stuff, i request to all of you to focused on critical issues. The sms package will be restored after some time but …………..very sad

  • dead nation

    Jeysah Des weysah Baes……… No wonder Mobilink is sooo succesful, for idiots like us we deserve even worse…… open your eyes and see around

  • JK III

    So can I migrate from Telenor talkshawk to djuice and then back to telenor again after eid ?

    • Watch out for any service charges involved in conversion…

  • JK III

    Yeah, I forgot about that :D And anyway djuice isn’t worth it; call rates are bad.

  • Ali

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    0300-8 52 53 04(Islamabad Number)
    0300-82 768 19
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  • Does not matter

    Well Mobilink actualy sucks. They are a bunch of bafoons sitting there with no professional ethics and only worried about increasing the revenue without giving proper service.

    It is a sinking boat. They meed to address the issues before its too late or may be its already too late for them….

  • Talal Masood

    Mobilink Jazz Daily SMS Bundle Package is Back on Eid Day :)

  • Usman Ihsan

    mobilink mein ab kuchh raha nahi. khokhla ho chuka hai ye. i dont know y telenor is following a KHOKHLI company.

  • dead nation

    usman, u need to see the stats and please dont pass comments with zero reality