Government Regulates Jamming of Telecom Services Due to National Security

Government of Pakistan has issued a regulation, as per Telecom Act of Pakistan, for possible termination of Telecom services in a particular region or whole of Pakistan, due to any concern relating to national security, told a highly reliable source at Ministry of IT and Telecom.

In simple, as per directive, Government of Pakistan can ask PTA, in case of any national security situation, to order temporary or permanent termination of telecom services of any service procider, in any part or whole of Pakistan.

If implemented in true spirit, this regulation is in favor of Pakistan’s national security; however, we have seen in past that rules are used for personalized benefits by political parties, and not for national concerns.

As per this regulation, Government can ask for closure of Mobile phone service, landline, internet or any Telecom service, anytime if Government considers it necessary.

We remember that cellular services in Islamabad were asked to put down during long march, back in March 2009.

Let’s expect more such instances in future, if required.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Even without any law government can block or terminate any telecom service, as they did in Islamabad, but as u have already mentioned this will only be used for political purposes to suppress the voice of opposition and people.

    IT KHAPPAY :P:P (rest everybody knows)

  • Such laws are present in all countries of the world. They just need to be protected from the personal desires of the politicians.

  • this is outrageous you cant give the PTA such rights it would only result in services going down every minute and the service providers would answer by saying they had a VIP movement in the region or the area

  • Even cellular services of all the networks have been suspended in Bannu District and adjoining areas for the last 6 months due to the ongoing military operations in the neighbouring Waziristan Agency…thats a cruel act because it violates the basic provision of facilities to the masses….you have no idea how the residence of Bannu are suffering due to jamming of communication facilities and we are taklking about 21st century….for God sack wake up people

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