Stealing Content Can Go Ugly

People in Pakistan are getting aware of copyrights, either by softly spoken advises or otherwise through legal ways.

We had reported this incident of FIA raiding offices and picking their admins.

Here is a new case under prosecution, and people those uploaded pirated music are in tough situation.

This may mark an end of copyright violation, particularly by those large portals. We have mentioned few in past, and there are others in line for a lawsuit, including ApniIsp and FunMaza.

On one side, there are people saying to teach the law first instead of implementing it right away because of influential hands, however, there is no doubt that copyright violators are no kids – they earn good bucks with this pirated content and ultimately causing financial loss to the legitimate owner.

Check below the video and see how nasty can it go (Thanks to Ali for sending us this video)

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Agreed!

    Proper law should be governed.
    koi warning ya koi message diya jata media kay thru & then crackdown operation shuru kartay.

    Par aisay karnay se suppose those webs mentioned above took down the music albums/songs,
    phir na case register hota, na trail hota, na he paisay banatay prosecutors =)

  • Agreed!

    Proper law should be governed.
    koi warning ya koi message diya jata media kay thru & then crackdown operation shuru kartay.

    Par aisay karnay se suppose those webs mentioned above took down the music albums/songs,
    phir na case register hota, na trail hota, na he paisay banatay prosecutors =)

    PS: use of contraception (condoms) ki ad dete huway tv par with pyaray pyaray ganay “suno zara suno zara”, jaisasy koi bheek mang raha ho pls meri baat sunlo…
    uski tau sharam nahe ati.. thori akal use karkay usi ad mei piracy ka bhi thora sa zikr kardaytay

    what i mean is advert khatam hotay he aik dam “uploading of piracy content is strictly illegal”, a v.caring public message brought to you by …

  • Hi,
    Mr. Amir, You are here just one sided. Do you know, Why this is happening here? Because
    this is our great Pakistan and Geo is so influential here, They just asked FIA and they
    caught them. I don’t think Fire Records (Geo TV) had even followed a legal procedure to take
    down the songs from their websites. Had they sent any copyright infringement complaint to
    their Host? Any copyright infringement complaint to ad-network? Any personal complaint to
    website owners by Fire Records? If you check IPs of both websites, They belong to United States. The
    United States People are much more serious than Fire Records regarding copyright
    infringements they had taken down requested songs if Fire records had sent any complaint.
    What happened is fire record lodged a complaint in FIA and FIA took action against the
    website because the complaint comes from very influential media group. I am 100% sure, non
    of the above steps have been taken to put down the content from their website.
    Now I come to Fire Records stance to remove songs from websites: The songs uploaded on
    websites are mostly low quality (128-256 Kb/s) while the songs on Audio CDs have bit-rates
    ranging from 1000-1500 Kb/s. Do you think, If a person loves music will hear 128K ugly
    songs. Never! He will go to shop and buy a good quality CD. The songs on websites are
    promoting that album, you can say a free advertisement of a album by the website (Although Website Owners has no
    such intention to promote the album, they just do to make money from their website) but,
    It’s too much beneficial for a record. Here I want to give the example of Indian Music
    Industry, They upload their songs on Youtube and also ask website owners to upload the
    songs on their websites. Uploading songs over a website doesn’t hurt a music record mainly due to quality of songs.
    Btw, How many of us are using legal copy of Windows? Antivirus? and Media Players? I’ve seen in banks and government offices that they are using Pirated copies of Windows. Are you going to arrest them?
    I don’t know why Geo is so much barking over this issue when no body is going to listen Pakistani Music. Most of music websites has traffic from India downloading Indian Songs.
    By writing this I am no way sympathizing to any Music Website neither I’m taking off rights from Fire Records But I hardly think Fire Record material would have mattered so much for any website to deny removal of content and go to jail?
    You can get a lot of political shit over our Media. But have you ever listened some one talking about webmasters problems. I can not open a bank account because I’m a webmaster and can not provide a proper proof of my earnings. The shit banks don’t approve my Google Adsense online earnings statements. Why? Why I’m not allowed to get a credit card by giving a proof of my Adsense earnings? Why there is no Paypal in Pakistan being 6th largest country of world. Have our enlightened media talked about that?
    I’ve too much to say being a webmaster living in Pakistan but I’m so emotional now and can not say anything else.

    Case is now in your court! More to follow….

    • Nice man seriously such a wonderful thing u said..

      And I do agree with you that govt offices etc, all of them uses Windows Xp pirated version..ergg hell man this is soo much [email protected]

      Fire! Hell Such losers, I just can’t believe this stuff!!

      @Fire: You will never succeed in your life, nor your music..Mark my words..

      Internet is the only place where you can advertise your songs for free! and the small publishers are helping you in that!

      Cmon man for God sake, this is just so stupid! I don’t even know that what kind of hell band you are! You are not even famous! You are just a born baby and you are taking actions like you are a big money industry guy! Go to hell or stop singing!

    • @Ali
      Nice man seriously such a wonderful thing u said..

      And I do agree with you that govt offices etc, all of them uses Windows Xp pirated version..ergg hell man this is soo much [email protected]

    • @ProPakistani: No offense but you don’t know that what kind of hell you are going to have within few months!

      You don’t know how powerful these people are! Don’t risk your life by going against them and interfering in their business!

      • Dear Raheel, Don’t try to divert the attention from real issues. These webmasters are not terrorists or politicians. Merely uploading songs on the website and they will kill Amir! Ah…Shut-up man.

  • Good post. It’s a high time that relevant Govt. bodies should crack down on all parties distributing non copyrighted content.

  • Copyright Infringement on Audio Material found over Internet and then to Courts – What a dramatic Situation, ill call it Bullshit of victim party. (i thot that the victim party might had a loss of like 1M or More :p)
    In my point of view, Its totally discouraging for low level Web Masters, who are earning like really small amount of money and paying high cost of hosting , managing etc

  • This Geo Tv is Bullshiit earlier they were balck mailing Govt of PAkistan and now started harrasing PAkistani Webamsters
    they webasters give a silent boost to economy of pakistan bring Millions of Dollars in PAksitan
    at least they dont send their money in Swis banks like currupt politincains
    Geo is using flase use of his fame . Makign fool to inconcnet Audince
    a Big F to Geo tv on imoral way of arresting Pakistani Webmasters
    They should have sent Email first and waring before doing thing

  • Geo is currupt Geo is biased against Goovt and now making wrong use of his influnce agaisnt Pakistani Websites

  • GEO = JEWS

    geo news think tht they can do what ever they want but picture abhi baki hai meray dost. GO TO HELL JEW’s NEWS SCREW U

  • HuH! ? @ProPakistani, you think you are a big thing and guy ??

    And at the same time you are advertising, which is also hosting illegal songs on their site?? Srsly man stop this ______!
    [Comment Edited]

    • I would advise you to stop making comments with different Names! You aren’t that smart. The website you mentioned is not owned by ProPakistani.
      Extracts from our Privacy Policy
      ProPakistani contain links to other sites. ProPakistani is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such other sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of each web site to which we may link that may collect personal information

        • Well said Ali. Will it work to add in music websites too ” We encourage our users to be aware that they are downloading these songs only for demo listening and quality of the songs has been decreased from original. Users are not allowed to keep these songs more than 24 hours in their computer or they have to buy the original Audio CD”

      • Dear Zubair, No body is making comments with different names. Understand that you own this website and accusing the visitors and commentators of website because they raised fingers towards you.

      • Well I am not against your linking to the music site or whatever. But the authors of are pretending to be very much Innocent in this issue.

        However the fact is “Hamam Me Sab Nange” Pardon me on This Rude Proverb But This is the reality. is well known and are read by a large number of IT People. can play a great role to put a stop on it.

        If today No one will speak then a day will come when FIA will start arresting all the webmasters on cashing money from WU offices. Wakeup Plzzzzzz

        • Dear Haroon,
          I couldn’t understand your this sentence “If today No one will speak then a day will come when FIA will start arresting all the webmasters on cashing money from WU offices. Wakeup Plzzzzzz”

          Why FIA is going to arrest the webmasters! Propakistani has made the scenario through this post that every webmaster in Pakistan is a criminal (except them) and this type of piracy is only happening in Pakistan.

          • @ali

            Why Rahman Malik arrested Zarco and K&K? I think so that most of the webmasters shows your Adsense Income in Your Income Taxes, DO you?

            Think About It.

  • What about the English songs played on Aag TV? I’m 100% sure that Geo hasn’t got rights from their recording companies.

  • well
    i don’t like Geo policy.
    if u want to buy a windows legal copy u pay normal pakistani have that much amount to buy a legal copy or upgrade it system. but in USA 100$.. if in USA 100$ then y not in pakistan & don’t say corncey difference there is a lot of way to make any product to specific country…

    and one more thing there is no law on “.RM” extension. so convert u r data in .rm format

  • Hey Propakistani Dont try to Create Spice into ur news by Supporting Geo;s Act , if u really are a true Pakistani and Support Pakistani Webmasters then u must also creat a Post in Favor of Apniisp and Funmaza and many other websites which bring revenue to Pakistan , do research and creat stats of Amount of dollars whihc they bring to Pakistan
    Geo is Anti Pakistan and Propaksitani is supporting an ANitPak News Agency .. Why ?
    I request Propakistni to Creat several posts

    • Ali, we don’t support any one – particularly Geo – in any direct or in-direct manner.

      We didn’t opine anything, instead just reported the story. We clearly mentioned both sides of the story. One more thing, i do agree that there is huge benefit Pakistani Economy is getting through Pakistani Webmasters, however, let’s not opt for illegal/un-ethical ways to get such forex results.

      • Btw, I don’t think uploading 128K ugly quality Pakistani songs over internet is illegal etc. It’s only the way Geo is portraying this issue as ‘illegal’ and ‘criminal act’. Webmasters are not selling the Audio CDs of high quality. This is only the way Geo thinks, and they needed this to make a story. I really don’t like the way you are presenting this story. You should at least give a solution to Geo and Webmasters to resolve this issue outside the courts.
        Btw, Now everybody owning a music website living in Pakistan is afraid but for those living abroad it’s nothing. They are just saying ‘Jo kerna hai ker lo’.
        Un-ethical act by GEO.

  • u must do a good use of ur popularity , u must Creat another Post against Fire Records in which u should mention the details of unethical and wrong way of arresting Pakistani Webmasters

  • LoL @ whoever thinks these sites were polluting or inf****ing the privacy policy shit LOL…. sorry guys u r too late rather everyone migrated to north pole when u woke up and SAID OMG GEO is the blessed ANGEL over Pakistan… em … LOL…

    Dear Pakistanis…. we have best talent we all need to get united and dear all please do educate young sisters and brothers abt internet usage.. they are our next nation/generation, the “MEDIA” revolution have left them nothing to think with. rather biased conclusions **Blink Blink **hehe.. The herd of IT …>Telecom….>WiMaX..bla bla.. and now 3G would always bring WWW ON for them!

    To story contributor: Its good to scare ppl by educating them,Isnt it? Nevertheless in a country where GDP, No. of literated(Lets say those who r aware of Rights and Respons.) and a price of authentic XP would be less then the no. of families who might dont get one time meal…. …..COPYRIGHT…. haha ! But I do respect ur idea of educating ppl anyhow:) specially ur story abt Google, Internationally Facebook have modified their Privacy Policy (ppl due google abt that too)
    I also respect original content providers but now everything is on youtube then their is WWW haha… anyhow I think news should be on creating rather COPYING thts what i call Pakistani style…. SIMPLE yet Classy :) Long live Pakistan

    • very well said…

      and yeah if GEO talks about copyrights .. The Pirate Bay is an example for them. Even American Senators surrender to the power of internet and Geo Is not bigger then Warner Bros. Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures bla bla bla.

      They all failed to take down Pirate Bay, In such a country (Sweden) Where GDP is more then 480 B $.

      Think About It!

      • [:d] Yeah Coz there is strong european union and whole european community to support it, well, not on the surface but they do exist.

        Warner Bros, n etc got big coz they infiltrated with a Plan just like indian media is all over PK damn :@ (

        But then again we have left with no choice for being entertained(Dont drag this into a relegious thing)

  • a country in which there is no Human Rights.. FireRecords(GEO) Treat their artist like animals.
    How the hell they talk about Copyrights. GEO is simply promoting the Jewish Capitalism in this Country & Every Human Being Hates Capitalism that destroy Human Civilization and the sense of being a human. If you listen Dr. Israr Lectures then you will got to know that how Capitalism will end and a new era will start.

    I dont know how Aamir and his fellows are praising this.

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