Warid to Get a CEO

Warid Pakistan is going to get a CEO – according to multiple industry sources.

It is told that Mr. Muneer Farooqui, who has remained the CEO of Warid Bangladesh till now will be traveling homeland to head Warid’s Pakistan operations.

Muneer Farooqui has served Mobilink’s CS department before he headed customer services at Warid Pakistan.

Latter on Mr. Farooqui became CEO of Warid Bangladesh; however, he is going to be shifted to Warid Pakistan after Bharti Airtel bought controlling stakes in Warid Bangladesh, told us sources.

Warid’s spokesperson didn’t confirm the appointment and said there is no such development as of now.

Warid has started re-structuring its departments, products and promotions. Company has mobilized its brand ambassadors and same is the case for  marketing department.

Warid recently denied its long speculated sell-out reports, after controversial news story by The National that quoted Dhabi Group’s top management for possible merger/sellout.


Warid has officially announced the appointment of Mr. Farooqui’s appointment as Company CEO

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  • It is very strange that there are so many rumours in the air about the warid management.

    It has totally left the people related to the telecom industry in total chios as what is happening and what is next expected ??

    Actually as the deal of ptcl took place across the sea in UAE , the fate of Warid is kept hidden of its future.

    I think there is no need to keep such secret so high. it is a public news and nothing harm takes place if the up coming future of the company is brought in the public .


  • Aamir is little too quick to make news and share unconfirmed news to the people. I think the official version of the company is the valid most thing and the propakistani Editor should be patient enough :) but it never happens

    Good thing if Warid is getting CEO – they are already rising and doing a good job.

    Keep it up Warid

  • May be the new CEO will through some sense in Warid customer service and their packages management/creation team. (They are getting bad every day)

  • I think mr usman ne warid use nhi kiya coz wo achi line use krny k kabil nhi hai.

    warid ki service buhat achi hai us k package buhat kaam hai lakin jetny bhi hai sb thek hai .

    or warid wahid network hai jo msg ki delivery report bhi btata hai or call k baad balance bhi btata hai .

    • Totally agreed

      Fazeel i think was are always looking for cheap and for cheap , cheap quality
      What if you have make call twice just to compelete your communication

          • @ Hassan, please refer to PTA survey of network quality -:) you will be surprised to know that warid has best quality network. Anyways, you might be facing problem in some area for that take up the matter with Warid Help Line. Let’s be responsible customer.

    • You made me laugh. :)
      I am using Warid since early days of this company. I am still a Warid user. :P
      But the fact is fact, Warid is degrading its “Customer service” day by day.
      Package change charges up to Rs. 25+tax ??
      Charges increase without notice, call to help line takes forever??
      Have you ever used Warid Member portal?? 7 out of 10 times it wouldn’t work properly…
      Got my point??
      I never said Warid has a bad network, I just commented on its degrading CS/Pricing Plan.

      • Boy i am not defending warid -:) I was just quoting the fact regarding quality. Honestly i am not aware of CS/Pricing plan so i really cannot comment on that. N’Joy!

        • I agree warid is the best operator in Pakistan Quality rates every thing

          Just talking about other network if they are cheap which means cheap quality my rating is


          • my the hell would you say if something is cheap it has cheap quality

            id say i use ufone and telenor both are “cheaper” than warid but i have “never” expereinced “any network” problems . never has a call been dropped , never has it been that the call was not made even though the other cell was on , never has the voice not been clear and so on!
            though with zong everything you hope will not happen happens xD
            so if i can get “reliable” network on cheap rates why would you use it its just like the example i gave before

            1 person gives you a 100 rupees new note and asks for 200 back (warid)
            second person gives you a 100 rupees note that is not brand new but usable and asks for 120 back .(ufone) why wouldnt i or anyone else take it?

            btw i dont use telenor nowadays -not sure about there rates-

  • Will u kindly appreciate me for telling u that rather than hitting one another personal remarks , pl u better focus at the discussion of the subject being rolled out ?

  • You all are stupid. Wasting time on stupid discussion. Doesnt matter which network you use, no one of you is a Finance minister or a Member of National Assembly even you guys dont make material financial decisions daily, so keep discussing something usefull.

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