PTCL NOC Ensures a Fault Resilient Network

As part of its on going infrastructure development, Network Operations Centre established by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) facilitates a highly available, adaptable and fault resilient network, that can meet the market demand and ensures customer satisfaction.

In order to effectively overcome the operational challenges like absence of centralized network management, mechanisms for root cause analysis and ad hoc based fault resolution, PTCL established NOC. This has enabled PTCL to address these issues by proactive identification and resolution of faults through real-time network monitoring and status visibility.

Escalation policies, work orders and maintenance of secure activity logs ensures increased accountability, transparency and enhanced quality of service.

President and CEO PTCL Walid Irshaid marked NOC a rich addition in to already thriving portfolio of PTCL services, which are especially designed to provide customers speedy, effective and sophisticated service.

According to CTO PTCL Nasrullah, NOC has provided a complete convergence of entire network on a single platform that helps in controlling, monitor and managing the entire PTCL network. He further added NOC has also been used in the diversification of services and customer base.

Services provided by NOC are modification of SOPs for DSL, IPTV, provisioning of SLA support for all domains, management of DXX corporate customers and outsourced data centers and many others.

The main building of NOC is located in Islamabad, with regional NOCs in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi with disaster recovery facilitation also done in Karachi.

  • Yeah PTCL will lack CUSTOMER SERVICE because their staff don’t have the capability of solving the CUSTOMERS PROBLEMS & don’t even issue the COMPLAINT NUMBER to the CUSTOMERS which is really very sad.

  • Believe me guys,…..inn glass offices or buildings se kuch nahi hota…………this is big drama………….


  • you can have a million NOC’s it is the peoples passion for addressing the customers needs that will make the difference – another waste of money, hope one day the external suditors will go through all these investments and find out who really stole all the money

  • I agree that the customer service sux, but still the NOC is a very good step. Please appreciate that.

    • Why would you consider it a good step when you know the customer serivce still sux. The bottom point is they are wasting their money.
      Most of PTCL customers are already sick of them and thats why lots of PTCL past customer have switched to mobile companies as better option.
      I think Etisalat now understands that it was a mistake to invest PTCL. Thats why they are hesitating on their payments on such company and its services.

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