Future of Facebook in Pakistan after May 31st

ProPakistani extensively covered all Facebook related developments that happened last week. We know Facebook is blocked in Pakistan due to blasphemous page, which has been repeatedly appearing and disappearing from Facebook. during this we have not seen any official stance or action from Facebook administration on this.

At this point of time, many minds are thinking about what is going to happen after May 31st, 2010? Will government of Pakistan continue the ban or not?

I am writing this post to speculate the situation (be informed, this information is based on speculations and conversation with experts, high-ups at PTA and Ministry)

Before that, let’s explore what people of this country are thinking over the ban. Luckily we have results from two ongoing polls, one conducted by ProPakistani and another was organized by Teeth Maestro. Following are the results:

Question: Do you Support Ban on Facebook in Pakistan? (Link to Poll: http://poll.fm/1x8xz)

Question: Are you accessing Facebook in Pakistan during the current ban? (Link to Poll: http://twtpoll.com/r/gai283)

As per orders, PTA will update Lahore High Court regarding the situation on May 31st, 2010 after which it will decide to lift the ban or otherwise to continue with it.

Both the polls show that majority of internet users in the country are fine with the ban and they don’t have same kind of love for Facebook like before.

However, it is apparent that there are people who don’t support the ban – in fact they are against it as they translate it as internet censorship.

High ups are PTA foresee that ban will be lifted on May 31st, 2010. However, at the same time they fear large scale protests from the public after the ban will be lifted.

They said that Facebook has removed the page for now but there is no guarantee that it will remain offline as Facebook hasn’t said anything officially – so LHC’s mood on May 31st can’t be determined as of today.

They said that if page remains offline for another week then there are good chances that LHC will offload the ban.

High ups at PTA said that even if Facebook is unbanned, authority may not lift the ban from Youtube. They said Youtube was contacted number of times in the past, but they are too careless to comply with blasphemy act of the country.

Political corners opine that few elements may use the situation. They said that Government may keep Facebook banned until it will lift it at right time. They say government can use Facebook for political purposes as a tool to divert the attention of masses from NRO cases in Supreme Court.

If unbanned, majority of internet users in Pakistan won’t love the Facebook like they used to before this incident. A question mark on Facebook’s ability to manage religious matters is leaving many minds confused to either use it again or not.

Some bloggers and webmasters have already taken down Facebook widgets from their websites and may never use them again.

Emergence of local social network will be on the rise, for some time, until they will vanish away due to lack of technical and online marketing expertise.

However there is no doubt that this is best time for enterprises to invest in social networking solutions, but only if their applications are solid, robust, feature rich and competitive.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • ProPakistani is determined to not to use Facebook again for promotion, branding, content sharing or for any other services – until Facebook administration doesn’t clear its stance over its policy for managing blasphemous content in future.

  • Great article Aamir and your decision to not use FB until they come up with a clear stance on managing blasphemous is great and i support it.
    Many people are taking it as Pakistan is thrown back into dark ages. We should see China who have banned youtube several times/ FB and also Google which is the most used site. They are not back into dark ages but selling their stuff on US and UK shelves.

    • Dude you mentioned all the things but look where China stands and Pakistan stands chineese people dont even speak English then i suggest you stop speaking in English……. Chineese people are very much advanced then you they got their own social forum and search engines and to promote them they blocked those sites read the story rather than just headlines……

  • Why everybody worry about Google, Facebook or Youtube etc… We have a lot of others stuff/companies/social networking places/search engines which are available on the net. We can use them easily…. if these companies are banned then no problem my friends, we can choose others alternatives/places. About me… I am not confused regarding these…..

  • after reading this line “However, it is apparent that there are people who don’t support the ban – in fact they are against it as they translate it as internet censorship.”

    I have good wording to say about such people , f*** to all these who cannot live without facebook. they _____, they all are sick, _____. people should go to their homes and _______,

    [Comment Edited]

    • let me tell you one thing mate , your’e the one who’s sick go learn how to talk properly before coming and writing stupid dumn shit on a forum . aamir every one has his views right ? not only am i against the ban on fb i still use it . being with the minority doesnt make me anyless a pakistani or for that matter i muslim . i do not believe in the “killing even non-muslim for this and that” views of the majority of pakistan [ even my last comment on your website proved it ] another thing every of my comment which showed how to bypass the ban even the one which simply gave my email for asking how to bypass was deleted . but the above one was only edited . if you are so bent on the “rules” of your website how did you become discriminatory between the above person and i ? dont you remember islam now ? why didnt you delete the above comment ? should i just assume that you “support ” his view point btw i respected your viewpoint and desicion not to use fb rather respected you and your website for many reasons actually im not gonna list all but your discriminatory attitude is making me think other wise and alot of other people as well [though that lot may still be the minority but as one of the green day’s songs say ]

      ~[i want to be the minority
      i dont need your authority
      down with the moral majority
      ’cause i want to be the minority]~

      • Ahsan, i have already explained to you that your comments were not approved as you were sharing proxy services. When it comes to opinion, we don’t bypass anything. We have approved hardest of comments.

        Otherwise, let me confirm you: We love your comments, and want them badly.

        • جن لوگوں کو اس بات کا غم کھاے جا رہا ہے . کہ ہم ایک فیس بک کو بند کر کے پوری دنیا کے علم کے دروازے اپنے اوپر بند کر رہے ہیں جو اپنی محفلوں میں اس بات کا ماتم کرتے ہیں. کیا روز محشر جب ساری امت حضور صلی اللہ علیھ وسلّم کی شفاعت کی طلب گار ہو گی تو کیا کوئی وہاں یہ عذر پیش کر سکے گا کہ یا رسول الله صلی اللہ علیھ وسلّم جب آپ کی حرمت اور عزت پر حرف آ رہا تھا تو دنیا کے سارے اسلامی ممالک بھی خاموش تھے ہم کیا کرتے. سب نے اپنی فرد عمل کا حساب دینا ہے

          • i completely agree with you mate every one has to pay for what he does in the world on the day of judgement but i think you got me wrong . i in no way support the idiot[a mild word to avoid cencorship ;)] who drew these sketches or who made that page . i am critisizing pakistan’s government stand on this . they should have gone to the court against fb not just ban it [ which i say again was a stupid decision]

            p.s can you increase the font of the urdu , i can barely read half of what you wrote .

      • I couldn’t help but chuckle on Ahsan’s comments above.
        At the start of his article I portrayed him as an intellectual & thought the lone ranger might actually give some rational thought so it would be a loss not to hear him out.
        But sadly just midway thru his article I came to realise I was utterly mistaken.

        Ahsan do you really not have the common sense to differentiate the disparity between ADVERTISING (proxies) and EXPRESSING INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT?

        Ahsan’s in the minority and now feeling the inferiority
        ooOOoo mama
        I’m with the majority which is the ultimate authority
        got that baybeh? ;)

        • :D i guess i got a little carried away mate but i assure you i wasnt “advertising” proxies . i saw some comments such as a student of a virtual university saying he couldnt assess youtube so how could he watch his lectures what i replied was in return to his plea apparently my comments got deleted .

          i have no probz with a guy expressing his thoughts /opinions rather forums like this are basically built to share thoughts but abusing those who dont share the same view point and just saying some dumbshit and still having the comment get through is insane i mean just look at that thing you can read every word of it through the so called censorship .

          i compared them for 1 reason that because i thought it was discriminatory

          on one end i was trying to help a person [ if you dont belive me his comment should still be there on of the earlier posts

          on the other end is this guy who apparently has no self respect and is of the “kill all kafirs” mentality he curses people not sharing his view point.

          you decide what was right or wrong :)

          p.s got a good beat going there XD mine’s still better though ;)

          • Dear Ahsan,
            I believe you with all my heart that you went thru the trouble of listing proxies just so that the VU student could garner knowledge from videos on youtube and you had no intent whatsoever of sharing them with the minority (I’d like to take this opportunity to express my condolences for their immense suffering :) ) who want to access fb and don’t know how.

            Although we both know proxy lists are just a click away from any search engine.
            One doesn’t have to be Einstein to do that now, do we? :)

            As for your second last comment,
            i.e. you decide what was right or wrong..

            I believe it’s best I not comment as it will not have any creditability among the minority no matter how convincing my response is, even if it were based on facts :)

            And as for your last comment,
            i.e. p.s got a good beat going there XD mine’s still better though

            darling, at times it’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt :)

  • ”فیس بک“ اور یو ٹیوب پر امریکی خاتون کارٹونسٹ کے ہتک آمیز خاکے بھی کولڈ ٹیسٹ کے زمرے میں آتے ہیں، یہ ہماری غیرت کا کولڈ ٹیسٹ ہے فیس بک“ کولڈ ٹیسٹ ناکام ہو گیا ہے، پاکستانی قوم نہ صرف یہ کہ بیدار ہے، جذبہ ایمانی سے سرشار ہے بلکہ اسلام دشمن قوتوں کا پوری طرح مقابلہ کرنے کی صلاحیتوں سے بھی مالا مال ہے۔

  • عامر بھائی فیس بک اور یو ٹیوب بند ہونا اتنا بڑا مسلہ تو نہیں ہے. تمام بلاگر سے میری اپیل ہے کہ فیس بک اور یو ٹیوب کی حمایت بند کر دیں. انٹرنیٹ صرف فیس بک اور یو ٹیوب کا نام نہیں ہے

  • Alot of staff of our office can’t contribute in polea s we are using proxy servers and same IP address used evertime a person click the submit button.

  • Amir, wonderful writeup. I could have shared some poll with a few thousand votes if our site had not been taken down. Anyways, here are my observations/questions.

    1 – PTA lifts or not lift the ban, it is not the solution. Although not lifting the ban would definitely help keeping the mass controlled.

    2 – Even if FB removed the page and changed their policy (a far-fetched thought), majority of the Muslims (and Pakistanis in particular) may not use them again for a long time. So they sure going to drop some rankings in terms of overall reach and pageviews and may compromise their position as the largest social networking site being used in the world in the longer run.

    3 – However we are not that part of the world which brings them most of their revenue. So it is not going to affect on FB’s capacity of earning as for as Pakistani traffic is concerned.

    4 – So where would all the Pakistani advertisers go to tap the social media traffic now? While dealing with a local social network, would they be having same trust factor and or willingness to pay for their promotion? Can local networks provide them same mileage?

    These are a few questions to ponder at the moment. And I too can see a tremendous opportunity here for our own social network as well as others. Hope we be able to tap into that and change the perception of advertisers regarding investing on local sites.

  • I suggest that rather putting ban on facebook and youtube, our government should be strong enough to contact directly with the management of these social networking sites. Putting bans and blocking the URLs is the easiest way out for higher authorities to gain public love, however this is not the solution. Rite now we are giving out the message of extremism to other countries and religions.
    I dont endorse China acts of banning youtube, Google,facebook in past times, they should have talked to management of social networking sites on this. Same goes for my country as well.

    We have a responsibilty to defend our religion and culture but we also have the responsibltiy to manage the perceptions of others about them

    • PTA has talked to Facebook and YouTube authorities at first, but they did not respond in a proper way. Which means they hesitate to remove this content. In a result, PTA took a step to block these sites, at least. Thus, we appreciate this step.

  • The ban should be removed.
    Blasphemous content is available all over the internet infact we can search it in Google and Yahoo :) let us ban the search engines too.

    Facebook has acted unprofessionally and the ban would have proved a little useful if some other Muslim countries would have taken the same stance.

    Using a particular website should be left to individuals.
    And PTA’s chairman is right. Government doesn’t give a shit about Facebook it is youtube that matters to the government.

    Previous attempt to block youtube proved unsuccessful and this was the right time to use the situation. Ban from youtube and proxy websites should be lifted immediately and personally I don’t care about facebook :) even though i miss it :D

    And everybody has a point of view which should be respected, instead of barking like some people above have done.

    • Ya, everyone have a right. But not to spoil others’ values or respect. What if someone abuse you or some of your close family member. Would you allow him to do so? or would you say, “Yeah, say or do whatever you want with me or my family, you are free to do shit anywhere”. Think about it then speak.

      • I am fed up of these same examples of what if they abuse your family/parents. My family members are not famous personalities that the entire world would make fun of them.
        all this shows is how hurt you are and you want the other guy to feel the same, so you are provoking the other guy by being personal.
        Why do you religious people want everyone to think like you do?

      • Well if my family member was being abused, I wouldn’t close my eyes and pretend that nothing was happening. I’d take proper court action. Banning facebook is equivalent to closing your eyes and ears and pretending that the content isn’t really there. As for causing them ‘losses’, the losses are barely pennies…and all this fuss over the page is basically encouraging curious atheists to go check the group out for themselves.

    • I agree, I don’t care about the ban on Facebook, I rarely used it but the ban on youtube is becoming troublesome for me. but this is my personal view.
      what these stupid people don’t understand is how crucial these websites have become for business development. the ads on facebook are very useful for a small business to generate targeted audience (local and abroad) towards their site and youtube gives our musicians, filmmakers and other businesses a source to advertise themselves outside the country, even if Pakistan makes its own Facebook and youtube clones they won’t be part of International internet community.
      these narrow minded people only think of themselves and have no idea what this ban means for business and IT sector.

      • @ Mr. Omer we not think about Us…
        We Think for Our Prophet(PBUH) Respect
        Shup up ur mount otherwise i kill u …
        U also prefer FB More than respect of Prophet(PBUH) Shame on u
        We with u if they clearly says sorry to all Muslim for their act

  • i think this is best step taken from PPPP government :)

    Facebook Must be ban in Pakistan thy do it again & again n again. for those who think thy can fight on facebook tell me one thing what can thy do before it. if thy fight this thing never happen so stop saying we fight and there is no money lost b/z even 95% pakistani never buy a cup on internet. Mark Zakerburg is Is Jesus & I challenge for all those who think thy can fight and use freedom of speech so make a page/group about HITLER or holocaust. i’m sure that not even your page/group ban also u r profile is ban by facebook

    And Remembering one thing promoting of facebook is dramatically. A small site start in 2004 & in 2005 it’s get 2 billion$ Investment it’s amazing b/z it’s just like a small university social site

  • We must all realize this fact that it is a jews community that had prepared all this to create tis mess.. although facebook is by jews it is not done alone by the managemnet of jews but it is being backed by very high level from the jews community…

    as a pakistani we are already being separated from the rest of the world… in many aspect of our life..

    i beleive this should nt be happen now..

  • @All, who says that Facebook Should be banned completly:

    Is this the solution ? or hiding face from the realty…..You ban facebook today , than youtube, than twitter, than google, than MSN and what not :) I say if this is the strategy than lets not use internet any more. Why you prefer Mercedes Car on “Adam” ( first car ever made in Pakistan). Remember Islam is a religion of peace and harmony, try to avoid hatred and get your heads down on pursuing your government to talk to the management of social communities and come up with relevant arguement to stop critcism on each others religion and culture

    Plus please people, dont start the conversation of jews and muslims again, this hasnt proved any good in past instead of developing hatred for each other and ending up in wars.

    I repeat again Islam is not the religion of Hatred and War so lets not give this perception to other people as well .

    Lets force our goverment to come up with a valid arguement and Sue facebook for allowing people to develop such Pages.

    Banning and hatred is not the rite option.

    • پاکستانی قوم نہ صرف یہ کہ بیدار ہے، جذبہ ایمانی سے سرشار ہے بلکہ اسلام دشمن قوتوں کا پوری طرح مقابلہ کرنے کی صلاحیتوں سے بھی مالا مال ہے۔ انٹرنیٹ صرف فیس بک اور یو ٹیوب کا نام نہیں ہے

  • well one can access these ban pages easily through proxy. I’m doing it so there is no use of ban. The Gov. of Pakistan must launch offical complain to facebook admin. as they do in Bilawal Bhotto case.

  • our honourable Governor Punjab who is against the ban on Facebook since first day had comfirm on twitter tha facebook will be back very soon. And u guys must thank full to his efforts. Our Governor have no other thing to do.


  • Great Article!

    Loved the in depth analysis of the whole situation and I salute Mr.Aamir and Propakistani on their stance!

    • Yes, after seeing the solidarity of our Pakistani people on the stance on ban Facebook, I too feel good about my Pakistan!

  • i wanna ask that why the hell an iraqi journalist was brutally tortured by the american government when, by throwing a shoe on president Bush he EXPRESSED his FEELINGS?why were his ribs were broken down and his life was made miserable forever?why should your damn demand of freedom of expression only be used by u people?u all should also be treated the same way as that iraqi journalist was treated with? Islam teaches us to be in peace until and unless our and our religion’s respect is maintained otherwise we also have the authority to treat u people the same as u treated that journalist.

    Faizan Bokhari
    [email protected]

    • yeah, absolutely… and what do the people, who favour those blasphemers and FB, think about Dr. Afia Siddiqi???

    • at last the silent media speaks up. congrats to pro-pakistani team on their efforts.

    • Bro can you please give me your email address? I wanna ask you something irrelevant to this topic.

  • Google images is still showing the blasphemous cartoons and has refused to remove them from their searches. So why doesn’t government ban Google???

  • I second of not using facebook anymore in any Muslim country .. i have trying to search for different social networks in pakistan and the best i have found so far if http://doodleit.ning.com although its on shared domain but i emailed the guy and he has promised to deliver it on independent domain and with excellent features such as video chat, customizable profile page and more.. i think we all should join hand with him/her as this a an excellent cause under serving

  • Dear All,
    i have opened the facebook through certain IT tricks and founded that in facebook the “deactivate account” option is not working. You all are requested to deactivate the account as its promoting non Islamic culture in Islamic minds.
    with profound regards to all muslims

    Engr. Arshad Ali

    • HAHAHA @ certain IT tricks
      hadh hogaye hay yaar…
      NASA ka database hack karkay website kholi thi?
      honest;y engineer sahib, your opening remarks were simply amusing

  • idiot u must have watched the television …!!

    Normaly Facebk removes a group or page after few complains against it and if it goes against there terms of services ..!!
    But in this case there came 100,000 complains agnst the group “Draw Muhammad Day” and the group also go against many points in their T.O.S like hateful for a community etc ….
    But still thy didnt removed that page , , and when people tried to counter the nonmuslims by making a group against jews believes , ,it was removed in 20mins …!!

    Still now that page is available and to support it many more groups have been created against our blessed Prophet ..!!

    [These are pure facts , ,do u get it,why fb shld banned ??]

    u aint a muslim right ?? cause u r trying to help facebk which is supporting those who are making fun of our Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) …!!

    And there are many ways for people to interact with each other ..!! What the hell is the use of, emailzz and progrmz like skype and sites like photoshack rapidshare etc ..??

    ————frm othr site————-

    KARACHI: A new poll has revealed that 70 percent people in Pakistan want a permanent ban on the social networking website Facebook, while another 15
    percent support the Lahore High Court’s order to ban the website till May 31.

    According to the ‘ProPakistani.pk’ poll, the participants expressed their sheer anger on Facebook for displaying blasphemous drawings of Prophet Muhammad.

    In the first three days of the poll, which is still running, eight percent participants were of the opinion that a single URL ban was enough, while the remaining seven percent said they did not want ban on Facebook at all.

    Acting on the court’s decision the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had earlier directed all Internet service providers in the country to shut down Facebook, as protests over the Prophet Muhammad issue had intensified across the country.

    Commenting on the poll results, Jabran Rafique, a student, said that thousands of people had complained to Facebook to remove the blasphemous content through the website’s standard reporting procedure, but no action was taken.

    “But on the other hand they only took 20 minutes to shut down a page against Jewish on demand of some so-called Jewish cyber force. Does it not a discrimination against only one race and religion? We must not use Facebook ever again,” The Nation quoted Rafique, as saying.

    • Bro, where that Mr. Freedom has gone? He ain’t gathering up much courage to reply our joint counter against him, Rushdi, and Hamid. Can you please give me your email address?

  • No place for facebook … ban forever … its nothing but an ordinary social networking platform which has been overhyped.

    We can live without it … it wont be any loss to our share of knowledge. Infact, our students & youth who is being exploited by this useless activity will get rid of it … for sure

  • guys we need to support this site http://doodleit.ning.com/
    as it can replace Facebook very easily, it has some very cool features including all the regular ones from facebook. please promote this. it will help us forgetting the bias facebook as soon as possible.

  • Good job Aamir!

    I actually wondered for few days and now smile only over arguments from lift ban support lobby. Most of these are sensless and seems that they are only based on only one reason of Internet censorship as you mentioned. I even read that poll is not very transperant since not all of them use the facebook! One don’t need to be soldier or Iraqi national to protest over unethical war on Iraq and so one don’t have to be a facebook user to protest against their unethical, unlawful and clearly discriminated approach for particular community. For this little percentage in support tells the same story as it was before 1947 when some of us worked for invadors only to run their home expenditures and in fact supported the invadors to rule for years! I would rather be a freedom fighter looking for my own country, and so in this case support for y people created and managed stuff. It may take time but it’s well good time to take an intiative.

  • moreover, as per reliable sources : Pakistan’s 20% of internet traffic reduce to this ban on FB – youtube …

  • my cousin told me that his web traffic is going down after Facebook and YouTube ban.

  • To hell with Islamic organisations and people with emotional attitude only for looking over supporting the ban! Isamic organisations always jumps into where they can cash the religion at their best and that’s all they had been doing in this country since their birth! Now why don’t everyone takes a step back and rethink that on what base they are protesting for?
    Is it because there was a page with Prophets (PBUH) caricatures on facebook? If so then it’s a thing to be sad on but get a life and must read Adil’ post on ATP about how to react for only such a matter instead of going mental. Also there had always been such stuff all around the Internet all the time!

    Or you think it is because facebook didn’t take the page off literaly announcing indirectly that they do want to take it off while they even put it back on even after it was hacked and removed. While other examples are there for taking the pages off on few complaints. That’s what tell the platform is discriminating against particular community!

    Well, according to their terms again, (out of what they only implement of their own choices) they don’t give indication that any data wil be removed from their servers ever hence shouldn’t be any questionn about relaunching the page as it was.

    The response from facebook is like their forefathers as when whole world tells them not to bomb the people of Palestine who actually hosted them on their land and they reply to world, we don’t give a shit!

    • I am aware of it. PTA is denying any such news – Ministry denied it as well. I will update on it as soon as i hear any confirmation from the authorities concerned.

      • Interior Minister Rehman Malik tweeted:

        @SenRehmanMalik Cabinet meeting 2day. Condemned blasphemous material. Cabinet accepted my proposal to block ONLY the objectable sections of facebook&youtube

        Source: http://twitter.com/SenRehmanMalik

        • Yes, it was discussed today, but nothing was finalized. Moreover, they can’t un-ban before May 31st, that’s as per court’s orders

          • Punjab Governor Salman Taseer tweeted:

            ‘V soon the network operating systems will be back on.for that u can thank the honourable governor punjab’

            ‘I’m talking of the social networking systems.I thought I was talking to geeks’

            Source: http://twitter.com/salmaanTaseer

  • Don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out.

    simple advice to the
    *clears throat*

    minority :)

  • Banning facebook is a sign that a part of ummah is awake and alert,a sign for the believers that it will be this gifted country of Pakistan given to us by ALMIGHTY ALLAH on 27th of ramadan which will inshALLAH lead the Ummah in the very near future!!

    • So why haven’t Muslim scholars on Facebook left it?

      Oh, that’s right. They still want to continue preaching to Muslims and non-Muslims.

      • Dear Faried,

        I believe you’ve failed to understand the meaning of “boycott”.
        In regard to fb boycotting isn’t necessarily done via deleting your account on the social networking website.
        Simply disassociating yourself (i.e. not being active on the platform) is actually considered the main form of boycott here.

        Suppose fb gives a public apology and assures to ban/take off material from their network that would be in any way offensive to the muslims in future.

        The scholars can then simply go back to they way they used to preach via facebook.

        At times a little common sense over rules everything.

        I hope you will not fail to understand my point because it can be arguably depicted from your picture that you have had your fair share of schooling during your childhood days.

  • Who cares in the world whether facebook ban in Pakistan or not….Who cares………

    Well I am in a country where this site is open and no ban is imposed. In this country very few people knows what happened on facebook about the images. Why we Pakistanis are more concerned about it….Why.

    May be you know or not, Pakistan is the only state which got independent in the name of Islam after Madinah Al Munawarah.

    So we Pakistani have to show that we have a flag of Islam and we have to lead it. Here is the start and we have a great opportunity to show our strength.

    Tell me my muslim brothers…Did your feelings are being hurt beacuse of these competetion activity on Facebook. As a muslim it should be. Your faith will not be completed if you dont love most to Allah and our Holy Prophet Mohammad (Sallal laho ALaihe Wasallam).

    Will you trade or use the services from a person who use bad words for your father or mother. Will you. I will not.

    I was one of the individual who was spending 90% of the internet activity on facebook. Even everytime connected through mobile device. But I stopped and deactivated my account before the imposition of Ban. We have to show that whenever there is a time for sacrifice for Allah and Prophet Mohammad (Sallal laho ALaihe Wasallam) we should be the number one.

    There are 1000 of reasons I want to use facebook but only one reason to stop using it is billion times enough. And there is no compromise.

    Today I read a statement from our interior minister that the ban will be taken of in few day. Why didnt he said that we will protest it from the west to make an apology.

    We have to stand and I am very proud that most of the people want this ban to continue. The only remedy is that the west should accept its fault and change the policy so that this type of event will not happen in future.

    I am a proud Muslim and I am a proud Pakistani and I love Islam and I love Pakistan.

    Allah forgive us and make Muslim Umma united.


    You want alternative and here you go.


  • guys one thing we must remember ..all the stuff dun in fbuk was really against islam so only one thing to which we hav to look upon is how to finish the addiction of pakistani youth towards face book……y dun we pakistani create a site similar to it without all dis rubbish stuff which fbuk contained!!!!i am evn among those new pakistani generation n definately its qiuite hard for me 2 stay away frm the site to which i was addicted only wat is to make an pakistani site which should be based internationally as fbuk was!!!!!!s we may revenge all over the wrld through our site n den deay will cum 2 knw da real wrth of muslims!!!!1which we r so stp fbuk n make another site wich should b youthbook!!!!

  • Dear Friends,

    It has become a mad fashion to associate the term “Islam” with terrorist or terrorism. But now, what the world is ready to call launchers of shameful blasphemous act of drawing caricatures of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)? Mocking others’ religions and their beliefs is no less than an act of “Sophisticated Terrorism”.

    We strongly condemn, blasphemous caricature competition held at Facebook and, that every other act, which can possibly become the cause of spewing hatred and inciting violence.

    I am done with depicting myself as “Liberal Muslim” to the world without regard for my religious fundamentals.

    I am angry because facebook did not respond to the disgrace caused to my beloved Prophet(pbuh) …

    I came across http://www.faithfulbillion.com and now As a protest, I’ll be using an international network made by a true muslims of south Asia…why use or support facebook when we can have our own network


    HAI JAWAB KISE K PAS ???????



  • I think facebook should ban forever. cuz we are muslims and we can`t see any thing wrong about our belove Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

  • More people think about deleting Facebook accounts?


    Deleting your Facebook account (FAQ)


    Why you shouldn’t believe ‘Facebook backlash’ numbers


    Growing On Google, People Asking “How Do I Delete My Facebook Account” (May 10)


    One-on-one with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg


    • ^ Facebook’s Downfall has started because of privacy concerns.

      Some say there will be a mass exodus and people will move to Diaspora Project,an open-source alternative to Facebook.

      24% (Mostly from USA/Non Muslims) in the CNET Poll (3rd link in the above comment) have deleted their accounts.

      • “A recent poll from Sophos found that an estimated 60 percent of users are considering quitting Facebook over privacy issues.”

        “More than 11,000 people have committed to ditching the social-networking site on May 31, according to QuitFacebookDay.com.”

        “And more people are searching Google for ways to delete their Facebook accounts than ever, according to the Search Engine Land blog.”


        The Diaspora Project, an open-source alternative to Facebook is about to hit $100,000 in donations.

        Non-muslims are leaving Facebook because of privacy concerns, and you guys cannot leave it for our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)?

  • I found a new site just like facebook but at pakistani domain see it pakfacebook.pk and try to promote this one and make a Strong pakistani network

  • i agree fb should b banned because MUHAMMED(PEACE B UPON HIM )being disrespected on it, but y dnt v understand that they r against islam everywhere,where not on internet u ll find those sketches,n where not they disrespected islam before this,v mshuld b shameful by knwing all this what have v done, v byself made them to do dat , infact v all are involved in this SIN,y still v r following their culture,look wht naot v are acquiring from their culture, by making them friend v gave them this opportunity, v hav v become so addictive to fb or or internet one day they ll do da same on all internet than what all muslimz ll say,SORRY i m connected because of my studies, m connected because of my buisness than what, would v stop uszing INTERNET?

  • Salam everyone : Will Facebook administration take action against all these thingssss ?

    • Yes ! facebook team is working to fix this..
      Day b4 yesterday, i heard a Sky news report about facebook.They said that the Page was too heavy to delete.As it had 6000+ members joined.They also said that it was the first time that thounds of reports came for same page, So it started some glitches in their server.In the end,they said they are also working on facebook coding moderation.Like if any one made any page.It will be accpeted by facebook moderator like in this website (your answer have to be accepted by moderator) .So they said that pages which are against Any religion will not be published on facebook..That is why i am again going to use facebook because its not their fault.
      People says that why facebook allows this page.Actually They dont know that facebook is extra free site and any one can publish any thing.
      So now facebook will accept the page before publishing,It will take many months to be done that.All peaceful Americans are also against this Like us ..


  • I know we are addicted but we have a very short term memory. lets not enjoy that facebook reopened, let us not forget that the network did’nt take any action against our cry for deleting pages that were disrespecting our Beloved Prophet (Pbuh).
    We will react to it as we strongly condemn, blasphemous caricature competition held at Facebook and that every other act, which can possibly become the cause of spewing hatred and inciting violence.
    FaithfulBillion.com a non profit endeavor to show to the world that we muslims are merely not an above billion number of individuals, but we are part of such an undivided group, which exists with strongest element of commonality in their beliefs.
    We need your help to make this a success…Invite friends to join us…www.faithfulbillion.com

    Its a pure Pakistani site managed by Pakistani students of Szabist, CBM and IQRA

  • You guys are ignorant retards. Stop using the Internet because it has much more blasphemous content than what Facebook had.

    The Internet has not made its stance clear either.

    Be a good Muslim, boycott Facebook, Google, the Internet and Technology altogether because it has MUCH MORE blasphemous and other offensive content than just Facebook.



    Banning or blocking websites is so childish.
    We have to be together and act against those (people) who are creating such things on Internet.
    People think that pakistanis are gun men etc etc ..
    I recently created a question about it on Yahoo Answers and what i get .. All -ve answers.People started to make fun of our Prophet P.B.U.H in their answers so i deleted that question.You can try it your self.We have to tell them that we are peace lovers and killing one is not our religion.
    And my question to every one including PTA …
    Why they blocked only facebook,youtube,Twitter etc etc ??.. They should block Internet facility in Pakistan if they want block all websites containing these pics and videos.About 70% of Internet is covered with these things.What one can do ??Like http://www.deviantart.com have also these stuff and not blocked.
    So, Why we are talking much only for Facebook.Its not the only site on internet,try searching “Anti Islam” on Google and anti islamic websites are count less.Then why we all are focusing facebook only ??
    We have to vanish this stuff from internet in (decent) way, not by making voilance so all non Muslims starts thinking that we are gun men.
    And Last question by me.. ??
    If every one is going to hate facebook then why they made website names/appreance similar to facebook, even pak—- naming is so ODD.If people(not me)want to make facebook similar sites then they have to beat facebook level in the world..
    So, please every one, Think before work.
    People out side to Pakistan are making Fun of us .. And are making more fun at making voilance.And this is gonna do nothing to them, We are destroying our self by making such voilance, burning buses/cars etc etc.. Non-Mislims are laughing on us at these type of avtivities.
    We all have to make our own standered and keep together in the world so no one will even touch us …

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