PTCL will Offer Weekend and Intl Bucket Packages

PTCL is all set to introduce Nation Wide Weekend and Off-Peak, European and Far Eastern Bucket packages for its customers, we have confirmed with sources in the company.

These packages are likely to come at a monthly rental with a set amount of minutes to be used during weekends, off-peak hours, or otherwise for European and Eastern countries.


NWD Weekend and Off-Peak Package

  • Unlimited on-net NWD calls from 8 PM to 8 AM and weekends
  • Free 100 minutes to Mobile networks during 8 PM to 8 AM and weekends
  • Package charges will be Rs. 350 per month

European Bucket Package

  • 250 minutes to fixed networks of Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherland and Norway
  • Package Charges: Rs. 300 per month

Far Eastern Bucket Package

  • 250 free minutes to fixed networks of South Korea, Malaysia and Fixed and Mobile networks of Hong Kong
  • Package charges: Rs. 300 per month

Subscribers will be able to select one or multiple buckets at a time.

We are yet to ascertain the Launch date of these buckets.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • yeah – buckets of illegal gray traffic which they will not pay tax on. cant you see the scam they are doing – it is to cheat us of our tax money. the country is going down the drain and they are stealing right in front of our eyes.

  • Dear The Truth,

    Grey traffic is all about incoming international traffic and the packages PTCL is supposedly launching are for international outward traffic. How does your tax money gets cheated is really something not possible.

    International Outward packages have also been launched by other telecos and it is a norm in telecom market worldwide.

    We should thank God that finally PTCL is waking up and finally coming our with offers that have some excitement value.

  • Ptcl offers double up unlimited which gives u unlimited local and long distance calls along with unlimited dsl.

    Regional packages are also offered in rural areas

    Ptcl is the only company where unlimited has so far meant to be unlimited unlike other telecom operators.

    So I hope unlimited means unlimited as it will only then make sense and attraction for its subscribers

  • My home PTCL line has been dead since last 2 months. Several complaints have been made to 1218, PTCL area exchange and PTA but no luck.

    The purpose to share my grievance is that PTCL is spending money on Advertisement and launching campaigns and packages, but they are not solving problems of their loyal customers. What kind of business strategy is this.

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